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#4dx3d hashtag on instagram

23:12, 30/03/2021
I went to see Spies in Disguise at the Cineworld in East Didsbury.It was my first visit to there... read more


Went khổng lồ see a Film here in 4DX3 chiều, the cinema islarge a& pleasant enough typical cineworld with the exception of the 4DX screen. It was unlike anything I had ever done at the cinema, yes you go 3 chiều whats new there but with 4DX the seats are mounted on hydraulics they move with the action and I don"t mean slight gentle motion, no it"s hold onlớn your seat watch the popcorn fly motion. The movement is only part of it there are smells wind machines và even occasional water spray allin sync with the film. Imax uses the tag watch a movie or be part of one. Well if its an action movie there is no better way to be part of one than 4DX, but leave sầu the popcorn behind.

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The new ‘recliner’ seats are a) too keen khổng lồ remain upright và b) provide less legroom than before, especially when someone wants lớn get past, the old ‘fixed’ seats were much better. I’m afraid this cinema has gone from being my first cinema choice in the region lớn being my last....

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A very expensive & slightly overpriced cinema experience. Decent seats in this cinema which recline backwards. Show a wide range of films, at lots of different times. Going a refurbishment at the moment.

cost 17 pounds to see marvel movie & thought it was worth 6 pounds. 4dx was nothing special and more like a fairground ride than a movie experience. would rather see imax movie

First time I have sầu visited and the 4DX was amazing - watched The NUN.Extremely expensive, however I don"t mind paying for a once off as I don"t go to the cinema often. I have sầu cinema 241 with my oto insurance and can only use them on Tuesdays & Wednesdays and due lớn the timings of the film I was only able to do today.Would I visit again? yes but I would make sure I used an offer as £16.40 is extortionate for one person. I didn"t purchase any food or drink as we had a meal next door. I would consider the discount thẻ but at the moment we don"t come the cinema enough to see the benefit. I wish our local cinema would install 4DX and we had lớn travel for an hour khổng lồ experience it.

Me và my mate go và we are all excited và then we had the right amount of money khổng lồ pay for the cinema khổng lồ then find out that you even have sầu to lớn pay for the glasses & when we asked them questions like can you pay online they were being ignorant

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