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Accumulated là gì

17:18, 26/03/2021

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accumulate/debts/losses/wealth The report also said a further 90,000 households had accumulated wealth of more than £1m.
The achievements accumulated after his practical turn brought hyên finally baông chồng to lớn questions of a theory of motion from which he had once started.
We make the realistic assumption that the manufacturing good alone is used for accumulating capital.
Tb is the theoretical temperature above sầu which thermal time is accumulated after temperature enters that permissive thermal range.
Depressions where litter had accumulated & from which bryophytes were absent were also unfavourable khổng lồ recruitment.
The accumulating evidence indicates that some taxa have sầu great capacity lớn produce large và persistent seed banks.
We accumulated other ecological information that had not been previously reported from sympatric populations of these two species.
By electrolysis, the heavy water separated inkhổng lồ oxyren, which collected at the platinum electrode, & deuterium, which accumulated at the palladium electrode.
The large amount of carbon fixed by mangroves gets accumulated a nd stored for a long period in underground parts.
Evidence accumulated over the years suggests that release of spermatozoa from the reservoir is due to surface changes associated with capacitation.

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Transcriptionally active sầu oocytes are probably still accumulating the products required for oocyte maturation và preimplantation embryo development.
Presidential nominations are won by accumulating delegates from a sequential series of state-based primaries and caucuses.
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to feel awkward because you are in a situation that you have not experienced before or because you are very different from the people around you

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