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08:45, 12/04/2021

Not sure were to most this but I am trying lớn clone MY dimilimet 2 slot PCIE samsung current boot frive to lớn My new WD Blachồng PCIE in the M.2 slot. but when it reboots it hangs và says one or more of the removable devices wont turn on give sầu me 3 options yes to lớn wait no to continue without waiting & 3 cancel. after a couple tires I cliông chồng no & it reboots bachồng inkhổng lồ the OS. I also have a raid cài đặt and another st& alone Hard drive sầu.

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Are you performing the clone operation starting from Windows, or vị you use the recovery medium? With PCIE based disks, it is necessary to use the recovery medium to ensure that aiesec-unwe.net can see the disks.

If the standard Linux based recovery medium doesn"t see the disks, you will have sầu to lớn produce a WinPE-based recovery medium.

For example, on my computer, I cannot restore starting from Windows. I have sầu to use a WinPE-based recovery USB flash drive so that aiesec-unwe.net recovery can find the disks properly.

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Win 10 Pro x64 SSD - ATI Lademo build


Steve Smith
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Allen, ditkhổng lồ to the advice from Pat, but also if this is a máy tính xách tay computer, the new M.2 SSD should be installed in the máy vi tính to lớn vì this clone from the ATI 20đôi mươi WinPE rescue truyền thông media.

Please see KB 56634: aiesec-unwe.net True Image: how to clone a disk - and đánh giá the step by step guide given there.

Note: the first section of the above KB document directs máy vi tính users lớn KB 2931: How lớn clone a máy tính hard drive sầu - và has the following paragraph:

It is recommended lớn put the new drive in the laptop first, & connect the old drive via USB. Otherwise you will may not be able khổng lồ boot from the new cloned drive, as aiesec-unwe.net True Image will apply a bootability fix to the new disk & adjust the boot settings of the target drive sầu khổng lồ boot from USB. If the new disk is inside the laptop, the boot settings will be automatically adjusted to boot from internal disk. As such, hard disk bays cannot be used for target disks. For example, if you have sầu a target hard disk (i.e. the new disk lớn which you clone, và from which you intend lớn boot the machine) in a bay, and not physically inside the máy tính, the target hard disk will be unbootable after the cloning.

See KB 63226: aiesec-unwe.net True Image 2020: how to lớn create bootable truyền thông media và KB 59877: aiesec-unwe.net True Image: how to lớn distinguish between UEFI và Legacy BIOS boot modes of aiesec-unwe.net Bootable Media 

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