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20:47, 11/04/2021
Losing the operating system"s hàng hóa key is not as serious as it was a few years ago. Now you can install the operating system và activate it later. Advanced Tokens Manager can relieve sầu you from this activation process, which is particularly useful if you can"t activate a product with the same key more than once. It can bachồng up the operating system"s activated state and restore it after you reinstall it. the best part is that it takes a single cliông xã to lớn bachồng up or restore the activation. The application doesn"t need lớn be installed, so you only need lớn extract and run an executable. It works with Windows Vista, Win 7 & Win 8, regardless of their service packs. Also, you will need to lớn have sầu .NET Framework 4.0 installed on your computer to run this application. Advanced Tokens Manager"s compact user interface presents everything you need lớn bachồng up and restore your Windows activation. When you run the application, you will immediately find your system"s sản phẩm key, along with other details. All you have sầu lớn do is click "Activation Restore" & the application will vì what the label on the button says, without asking for any further user input đầu vào. Backups are saved in the same folder as Advanced Tokens Manager"s executable. If you reinstall the operating system, you can run the application again and cliông chồng the Restore button, on the same user interface. However, you should be mindful that you have sầu to lớn reinstall the system using your original disc. If you install it with another disc, the application won"t be able lớn match it to lớn the information in the backup & the activation will fail. Besides Windows itself, Advanced Tokens Manager can baông chồng up the activation of MS Office as well. You can switch to lớn Office mode by clicking a button, in the lower region of the interface, after which you will have to lớn go through the exact same button. Just click a button lớn baông xã up the activation & hit the Restore option to lớn activate your Office package after you reinstall it. Of course, the same rules, mentioned above, apply in this case as well. If you wish lớn reinstall your Windows operating system or your Office package, Advanced Tokens Manager will spare you from the hassle of activating these products. Pros: You can back up & restore activation states for Windows & Office. Both operations are quiông xã & easy. The application works straight out of the box, so you don"t have to go through an installation process. Cons: There are no obvious drawbacks lớn mention. You can download Advanced Tokens Manager không tính phí here.

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Advanced Tokens Manager has been reviewed by Frederichồng Barton on 24 Sep 2015. Based on the user interface, features & complexity, aiesec-unwe.net has rated Advanced Tokens Manager 5 out of 5 stars, naming it Essential