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Save 60% on ai war 2 on steam

15:24, 30/10/2021

The RTS genre has gone through many changes and evolutions to stay relevant, và the age of lighting fast micromanagement real-time strategy is mostly over. Developers have been trying to lớn find that sweet spot between the fast-paced gameplay of real-time with the strategic depth of a Grand Strategy or 4X game.

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AI War 2 is one such hybrid & a bloody fantastic one at that. This is a re-Reviews of the game as much has been added, improved, và changed since we reviewed it in 2019.

Arcen Games have done a splendid job of making the sequel more accessible for newcomers, with a decent tutorial & a plethora of starting difficulties và options for new players lớn sink their teeth into lớn slowly. The UI has been vastly improved since release lớn facilitate navigation through it & the game has integrated inlớn its user interface a quiông chồng links lớn the community Discord & wiki for any help someone might need. You can feel that this time they wanted new players to lớn feel welcomed instead of overwhelmed.

Tread Carefully & Carry a Big Fleet

Let’s freshen up on AI War 2, shall we? AI War 2 follows a unique asymmetric formula not commonly seen in the RTS genre, where the AI already controls all the systems, và you must wrestle it bachồng through guerrilla warfare. AI War 2 executes this idea well with its gameplay và mechanics, such as AIP, which I’ll explain soon.

The story of AI War 2 begins with an AI that has already beaten humanity và taken over every planet in the system – except for one, your homeworld. As the player you are insignificant to lớn the AI, as it turns its eyes towards a greater threat in another galaxy leaving behind a small leftover force. Your goal is to capture planets, grow a svào enough fleet và destroy the AI core. Sounds easy right? Well not so, you would be surprised…

You will be looking at the galaxy map a lot. Plan your route khổng lồ victory.

The Spire Wants khổng lồ Play

The first expansion of AI War 2, The Spire Rises, alters the game & provides players with new ships, lots of new buildings & an alternative victory condition. In the base game, you are fighting a guerrilla war, only taking what you need and retreating when things get too hot. The Spire changes everything and allows the player to lớn take the fight to the AI in a more standard RTS fashion.

Enabled through the settings or unlocked by hacking a beabé in a campaign, the objective sầu of the Spire chiến dịch is lớn locate on planets, a Spire Relic. Once found & hacked you can move sầu them lớn one of your own command stations where it will become a glorious bastion, and provide you with a powerful frigate, but getting the relic khổng lồ your đô thị is a challenge in itself, the ai terrified by the spire will send powerful waves to lớn destroy the relic và they will skết thúc their most vicious fleets fighting the unknown enemy in another galaxy to lớn bởi it, as you get access lớn powerful new toys so will the AI.

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As you save sầu more relics và build more Spire cities, your Spire frigates will upgrade & evolve into devastating dreadnoughts, but the AI can also acquire the relic & build powerful ships for themselves. Many are transported on cargo trains, giving players new opportunities to lớn acquire the relics if they react fast enough.

I really enjoyed how the Spire chiến dịch shakes up the formula và gives the player more strategic decisions. If you are having trouble in a normal match, you could decide to hack the Spire beacon halfway in your chiến dịch & get an added boost to lớn your power và economy, at the cost of the AI also getting some more toys. This is the sort of thing AI War 2 excels in, providing you with plenty of choices khổng lồ make but also have you ponder if it is the right choice, as every action has a reaction from the ai.

You’re going to lớn need some powerful friends.

Acquired Taste

One thing you will notice when playing the game for the first time is that it will not blow you away in the visual department, however I cannot really fault them for that. Besides a limited budget, this was probably the best for the game since it has a lot of simulations happening in the background và thousands of ships each doing something that needs khổng lồ be calculated. Arcen wanted to make even the weakest computers able to lớn play it, however I cannot help but wish it just had a little more “oomph”.

The soundtrack as well is a bit of an acquired taste. It is not bad per se, and I think it is really diverse và quality just like the game, but I won’t deny it took me some time to eventually warm up khổng lồ it and then love it. Sad piano music playing in the background while you’re having an enormous battle is not something you see or hear often.


I never played the first AI War as it looked daunting và over-complex, but I was always curious about it having only heard good things about it. When Arcen released AI War 2 and I saw how much easier it was lớn digest, I had to lớn dig in, & I’m glad I did. It has the best AI I’ve ever seen in a Grand Strategy/RTS game coupled with a great amount of content, replayability, exceptional expansions (with more coming), full-on hack tư vấn, and most of all, a fresh executed idea. All of this makes AI War 2 a game I will keep on playing for a very long time.