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What do the different wireless modes of my router/ap mean ? :: sg faq

16:07, 27/03/2021

When configuring aiesec-unwe.net wireless router as a wireless access point, many customers would doubt the main differences between Wireless Router Mode & Access Point Mode. This article will help you make it clear.

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First of all, the list below will let you figure out which functions can be supported by Router Mode/ Wireless Access Point Mode:


Note: LED control function varies from different aiesec-unwe.net devices. Some aiesec-unwe.net routers, like Archer C3150 V2, tư vấn LED control under AP.. mode. However, some other routers, like Archer A7, they would not support LED control under AP. mode. If you want to know exact info of your aiesec-unwe.net router, please contact aiesec-unwe.net tư vấn lớn figure it out.

In general, Wireless Router is a combination of Wireless Access Point và Wired Router. Wired Router is used lớn allow all client devices khổng lồ nói qua mạng internet & it supports some functions like Parental Control, Access Control, Qos, Bandwidth Control, NAT Forwarding, IPV6 and VPN,etc. Wireless Access Point is only designed khổng lồ provide wireless connection. In this case, when switching aiesec-unwe.net wireless router from Router Mode inlớn Access Point Mode by using Operation Mode Option on aiesec-unwe.net website interface (How to lớn configure the Archer Router in Access Point mode?), those functions which are only supported by Router Mode would be cancelled under Access Point Mode.

Notes: as for aiesec-unwe.net wireless routers like TL-WR840N which don’t have sầu Operation Mode Option on the web interface, when trying to lớn thiết đặt them as wireless access point, we need to lớn disable DHCP Server(How to lớn Configure aiesec-unwe.net N router as a wireless Access Point?). After disabling DHCPhường Server to cài đặt a wireless router into a wireless access point, it actually still work as Router Mode but it doesn’t use WAN part any more. In this case, when using a wireless router as a wireless access point, some functions which require WAN khổng lồ take effect under Router Mode, including Parental Control, Access Control, Qos, Bandwidth Control, NAT Forwarding, IPV6 and VPN,etc, can still be configured on aiesec-unwe.net device but cannot take effect any more since WAN part is not used on these devices.

At last, the other functions supported by both Router Mode and Wireless Access Point Mode, including Led Control, Aukhổng lồ Reboot, Time Settings, USB Sharing and Wi-Fi Schedule, would still keep alive sầu after changing modes.

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Next, this article will take Archer A7 as an example to lớn check some details.

When Archer A7 is working as Wireless Router Mode, the menu is listed as below:


After switching the Operation Mode from Wireless Router Mode into lớn Access Point Mode, the thực đơn would be changed as the following pictures:


LED Control (Night Mode), Time Settings (NTPhường. Server), Wireless Schedule, USB Sharing still work under Access Point Mode:




Under the AP mode, the Guest Network will not be separate from the main network. Clients connected to lớn the guest network can access to lớn the main network.

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Get lớn know more details of each function and configuration please go toDownload Centerto lớn download the manual of your product.

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