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Ashampoo burning studio free

17:08, 12/04/2021

Burn, copy và rip - easily và free of charge!

Burn data with ease

Supported media include CD, DVD và Blu-ray discs, including rewritable discs và the ability khổng lồ erase and reuse them, with customizable burning settings for maximum versatility.

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Limitless musical enjoyment

Burning Studio FREE also has a lot to lớn offer for music lovers: CDs can easily be ripped and their audio extracted with automatic song and album detection to avoid manual tệp tin naming. đầu ra formats include MP3, WMA & WAV at various unique settings.

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Aside from traditional audio CDs, the freeware also burns MP3 or WMA files lớn disc for hours upon hours of listening pleasure. Built-in normalization helps cấp độ out volume discrepancies & the integrated audio player is perfect khổng lồ pđánh giá your songs beforehand.

Copy và burn movies

Password-protected backups

The program also features powerful backup giải pháp công nghệ to lớn burn & store your data on disc or external drives for safekeeping. Built-in compressions help keep file sizes small & password-protection ensures your data won"t fall into lớn the wrong hands. Backup too big to fit on a single disc? No problem, disc spanning automatically splits it up into smaller segments across multiple discs.

Handle and burn ISO images comfortably

Free shareware-unique disc burning software

More features – Switch lớn Burning Studio 21 now

Get the best program for your disc recorder! The new aiesec-unwe.net Burning Studio 21 takes the next step towards the perfect burning suite. Scratch protection allows you lớn create data discs that remain readable even when their surfaces have sầu been severely scratched! The new history feature restores the đôi mươi most recent projects - including all user modifications & input đầu vào. The easy-to-use video editor is the faschạy thử route lớn chất lượng movies and the oto radio module now supports over 1000 models. And how about numerous new templates, themes và menus for your multitruyền thông projects? Enjoy the best Burning Studio of all time!

So, aiesec-unwe.net Burning Studio Free is more than just a burning ứng dụng. It is a complete backup tool, extremely powerful & efficient. No other burning ứng dụng is able to match its features
System requirements

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