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Spotlight: big bang theory

16:59, 08/12/2021

THE BIG BANG THEORY initially exploded onlớn the screen with the apartment of two brilliant but socially inept physicists, Leonard và Sheldon. Filled with a combination of vintage-futuristic furnishings, the apartment became the series’ iconic mix. Season Four brought sets belonging lớn two of their fellow CalTech scientists, Howard’s Bedroom & Koothrappali’s Living Room. Penny, the girl-next-door—literally, she lives across the hall—is their polar opposite, as reflected in the bright cheerful palette and feminine décor of her apartment. Over the course of the series, Shaffner and Shea have created innumerable sets, including a variety of laboratories and restaurants, and even a comic book store. Shea gives us a glimpse of some of the current sets, và generously shares her resources.


 Koothrappali’s Living Room

“Kooth is a very eclectic character,” Shea notes. “Although he’s a scientist, he unintentionally has this funky style. As an astrophysicist, he’s interested in sci-fi and, of course, outer space, He also comes from a wealthy Indian family. We try khổng lồ reflect that he is proud khổng lồ be Indian and retains his heritage but also embraces the western world. He has things around that he has brought from home và also has new expensive sầu telescopes that he can afford because of his wealthy background.”

·Sofa: Silica Three Furniture

·Arm chair: Warner Bros.

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·Side table: Warner Bros.

·Coffee table: Omega Cinema Props

·Dining table và chairs: Warner Bros.

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·Desk & desk chair: Warner Bros.

·Art: Pinacoteca, Đời Yamaha Jupiter Images, Art Pic

·Rugs/carpets: Crate và Barrel for large, Urban Outfitters for smalls

·Robots: RC Vintage

·Kitchen appliances: Lowes


“Howard is another geek physicist & fancies himself a sexy ladies man.,” says Shea. “And although he lives with his mother, he has created a sexy room to lớn entertain the ladies which pretty much only happened in his mind until this season when he met his fiancée, Bernadette.

Bed: Omega Cinema Props Bed linens: Omega Cinema Props Carpet/rug: Omega Cinema Props Bed tables: Warner Bros., Omega Cinema Props Drawers và storage: Pinacoteca, Warner Bros. Bookcases: Warner Bros. Lamps: RC Vintage, Modern Props Sconces: Lowes Figures & collectibles: Sideshow Collectibles, DC Comics, RC Vintage, Modern Props Swords: Hollywood Toy Artwork: Brandon Ragnar Guitars: Guitar Hero Drum set: Guitar Hero Drums

Penny’s Bedroom

“Penny is a sweet, pretty Midwestern girl who is the guys’ neighbor và has become the guys’ buddy. She is completely the opposite of them và has no idea what they are talking about most of the time,” Shea points out. “And she’s very messy!”

Bed: Custom designed by Shea Bed linens: Anthropologie; Bed, Bath & Beyond Chair: Urban Outfitters Rugs: Urban Outfitters Dresser: Warner Bros. Curtains: Pier One Bed table: IKEA Lamps: Lamps Plus Lanterns: World Market Sconces: Brown & Gold Lighting Artwork: Art Pic - Katie Hinton (artist)


Date restaurant – one of many for this series

Booths: Lennie Marvin Chairs: Omega CP2 Linens: Crate và Barrel Artwork: Art Pic Panels: Modern Props Credenza: Warner Bros. Chandelier: Universal Lighting: Modern Props

Tandoori Palace Indian restaurant

Seating: Omega CP2 Linens: Crate & Barrel Runners: Pier 1 Valance: Warner Bros. Drapery Dept. Statuary: Warner Bros. Hand Props, Universal Hvà Props Side tables: Omega Cinema Props Artwork: Hollywood Studio Gallery Panels: Warner Bros. Credenza: Omega Cinema Props Sconces: Universal Candlestick: Universal Vases: Universal, Warner Bros.

JPL telescope remote viewing room

Shea recalls, “This Keông xã telescope remote viewing room at Jet Propulsion Laboratory wasn’t supposed lớn look too decorated, but rather as if it had a hodgepodge of furnishings pulled from all over the building.”

Sofa: Universal Chairs: Universal, Warner Bros. Desk chairs: Warner Bros. Desks: Warner Bros. Coffee table: Warner Bros. Computers: Jargon Entertainment Monitors: Jargon Entertainment Copier/printer: Warner Bros. Lamps: Warner Bros. Sconces: Universal Posters/artwork: NASA Refrigerator/microwave: Lowes Globes: Edmund’s Scientific

Comic Book Store

Shea reveals, “Our characters are huge comic book fans. This mix was in one episode and the writers và producers liked it so much they wrote future episodes phối in this set. The books and comics are all DC Comics.”

New DC Comics: Provided by DC Comics Old DC Comics: House of Secrets Posters: Acme Archives Figurines: Sideshow Collectibles Artwork:Eric Joyner