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Bridge the gap là gì

16:12, 05/04/2021

bridge the gap

1. Literally, khổng lồ function as a bridge và connect two points. Don"t worry, there are rocks bridging the gap up ahead—we can cross there.2. To serve sầu as a point of connection between disparate people or groups. I thought Senator Davis was working to lớn bridge the gap between the parties on this controversial issue. A lingua franca is used to bridge the gap between people who vày not speak the same language.3. To alleviate the effects of a shortcoming, usually temporarily. I just need to lớn borrow some money to bridge the gap until I get paid again.See also: bridge, gap

bridge the gap

1. Lit. lớn make a bridge that reaches across a space. The engineers decided to bridge the gap with a wooden structure. 2. Fig. khổng lồ vì chưng or create something that will serve sầu temporarily. We can bridge the gap with a few temporary employees.See also: bridge, gap

bridge the ˈgap (between A & B)

(also bridge the ˈgulf (between A and B) less frequent) make it easier lớn move sầu from one thing to another or for two groups khổng lồ communicate with each other: The hostel helps to bridge the gap between prison and life on the outside.See also: bridge, gapSee also:

bridge the gap

help people communicate, mediate When the staff & the manager fight, I try khổng lồ bridge the gap.

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