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Capabilities là gì

10:49, 29/03/2021
< + khổng lồ infinitive > With the new machines we finally have sầu the capability (= power) lớn vì chưng the job properly.

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manufacturing/marketing/technological capability Firms with stronger technological capability are more likely lớn realize e-commerce value.
within/beyond sb"s/sth"s capabilities Many retailers are struggling because they expanded beyond their capabilities.

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The results here indicated that education may enhance farmers" capabilities lớn reduce risk through better management.
A methodological problem for musicology is, in fact, the question of how to handle such paradoxically interpretative capabilities.
All, because of social habituation, undervalue central human capabilities that they later come to value.
During wakefulness, brainstem regulatory systems globally facilitate or inhibit fast oscillatory & resonance capabilities of thalamic neurons & modulate their responsiveness khổng lồ afferent sensory đầu vào.
The positive sầu ions neutralize charge build-up on the clay sample surface, resulting in remarkable imaging capabilities.
Exposure is via the placenta, whose metabolic capabilities determine the chemicals reaching the baby <1>.
The fundamental elements of the design environment are then described và its capabilities discussed with particular reference lớn the use of constraints in design.
First, the shape annealing method will be presented along with current capabilities lớn illustrate the role that syntax và semantics play in kiến thiết generation.
The search for evidence of martian life requires robotic spacecraft with in situ life detection instruments and/or sample return capabilities.
The language is built around a pure, higher order functional core which is augmented with side effecting capabilities.
Depending on the optimising capabilities of the compiler, there may also be a performance penalty associated with such a higher order approach.
A possible line of further work would be lớn incorporate such capabilities in an extended language, và examine their semantic và operational implications.
Since then, retìm kiếm has focused on developing the capabilities of partial evaluators, including allowing them to lớn handle function-valued arguments.
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These are words often used in combination with capability.

Cliông chồng on a collocation khổng lồ see more examples of it.

The selected results illustrate the considerable range of analytical capabilities offered by the tools developed for the purpose of this research.
Example from the Hansard archive sầu. Contains Parliamentary information licensed under the Open Parliament Licence v3.0
The specification of process capability requirements allows members of the enterprise khổng lồ select processes based on their own process knowledge, capability, & practice.
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