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14:47, 16/09/2021
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NOTICE: Activation key must be used on a valid Steam account, requires internet connection.

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about the game

Design, build, and manage the world’s largest & most diverse cities in Cities XXL.

Bigger and better than ever before with a more powerful game engine và new interface, become the mayor of your very own sprawling metropolis.With town-planning including home page locations, retail plots, offices, industry & infrastructure across 47 architectural styles and1000+ buildings, manage the happiness of your city’s denizens, with leisure activities, landmarks, và ecology and pollution management. With new structures,but also all-new ecological buildings và upgrades, such as the park-and-ride, electric car dealership, & bike hire, Cities XXL offersa greener approach!

Manage the economy by sharing resources between all of your cities across over 65 maps (including new landscapes & environments) throughoutthe ‘Cities Planet’: trade anything from waste management lớn oil, fuel, & water – even holidaymakers và workers. Finally, create, mô tả anddownload user crafted content via the Steam Worksiêu thị – an endless supply of user-curated nội dung.

From scenic villages to economic powerhouses, build, manage, & grow the city of your dreams in Cities XXL.

System requirements
Windows - Minimum:OS*: Windows vista/Windows 7/Windows 8Processor: AMD/Hãng Intel dual-core 2.5 ghzRAM memory: 3072 MbGraphics card: 768 Mb 100% directx 10 và shaders 4.0 compatible - ATI radeon HD 5670/nvidia geforce gtx 260 or higherDVD-Rom: 2x driveHard disk space: 8 GbSound card: directx compatibleInternet connection required for the game activation

*Windows xp non supported


1. Register an account

Go to www.steampowered.com and cliông xã "login" at the top right corner of the trang web. After that, press "Join Steam" in the middle of your screen to lớn create your trương mục.

2. Download Steam

Click the green button that says "Install Steam" at the top right corner of the trang web, install Steam & login with with the tài khoản you created in step 1.

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3. Cliông chồng "Games" at the top of your screen và select "Activate a sản phẩm on Steam"

4. mở cửa the confirmation e-mail you received from aiesec-unwe.net & copy the code into the "Product Code" box.

5. Confirm the code and install the game

6. You can access your games by clicking "Library" at the top of your screen.

7. After the tải về is completed, you can enjoy your game!

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About this gameEvery game has a certain genre and often multiple subgenres, which help us khổng lồ figure out what kind of great digital nội dung is awaiting us gamers. In this case, Cities XXL has the following elements:About the publisherThis French publisher has been making some pretty neat games, but surprisingly perhaps their biggest fanbase is aspiring farmers. That’s right, their game series Farming Simulator can keep you busy for hundreds of hours. Well, who doesn’t want lớn have a go at riding a big tractor?On this hàng hóa article 4.2 of our terms & conditions applies.