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Unusual error

11:54, 06/04/2021

You might receive sầu a “Compile Error in Hidden Module” error message when you start your Excel.

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Whether it is Excel or any other Microsoft Applications from time lớn time they are prone to lớn errors. This Compile Error in Hidden module occurs in both MS Excel và MS Word but in this blog, you will get to lớn know how to repair Compile Error in Hidden module in Excel.

When you start MS Excel the particular error message that displays on the screen is:

Compile error in hidden module: AutoExec

Compile error in hidden module: AutoExecNew

Compile error in hidden module: DistMon

If you are using an older version of Windows like Windows 95/98 then you might receive an error message that says:

Excel has performed an error in module excel.exe cộ và will be closed.

For Windows 2000 and above sầu version the error appears like:

Excel has encountered a problem và needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

After the error message is displayed, an error report will be presented which provide the additional information of that error, a links will be shown something like:

– – Vbe6.dll – – 0000d799

Just click on the links to view full details of that error & depending on the application that has been crashed you might see the location to lớn excel.exe cộ which will guide you to the culprit of this error message.

To repair Compile Error in Hidden module go through the solutions one by one but before that get to know why does this Compile Error in Hidden module in Excel appears.

To recover Excel corrupt module, we recommover this tool:

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Why Does Compile Error In Hidden Module In Excel Appear?

Microsoft is upgrading Office 2016 from 32-bit version lớn 64-bit version. This Compile Error in Hidden module error message usually appears when there are dome 32-bit add-ins versions of office which are incompatible with the newer version.

The most comtháng reason behind this error is when some conditions come true:

1: MS Excel startup folder when contains both the template files on Adobe Acrobat PDF Maker add-in:


2: Software named Norton Anti-virus software has been installed.

Now, that you know the reason that causes Compile Error in Hidden module in Excel. Let’s begin with the solutions to lớn fix this error.

How Do I Fix Compile Error in Hidden Module in Excel? 

1: Re-register OCX Files Using CMD

To fix compile error in hidden module you need to lớn re-register some files basic lớn the functionality of Excel. Follow the steps:

Start your system with the Administrative sầu rightsPress Windows + R keyType “cmd” và clichồng on OK


Depending on the version type the following commands và press enter:

For 32-bit version

regsvr32 -u c:windowssystem32mscomctl.ocxregsvr32 c:windowssystem32mscomctl.ocx

For 64-bit version

regsvr32 -u c:windowssyswow64mscomctl.ocxregsvr32 c:windowssyswow64mscomctl.ocx

Now, run MS Excel và see whether Microsoft visual basic compile error in hidden module is solved or not.

2: Try Deleting .exd Files

If the above-given solution did nor work then try deleting the .exd files from your thư mục, this might help you in fixing the compile error in the hidden module in excel. Follow the steps lớn delete files:

Press Windows + R keyType %appdata% và click OK


This will open the Application Data folder, now select Microsoft


mở cửa the Forms folder


Select comctllib.exd and mscomctllib.exd, Right-clichồng on them & Delete


Deleting the .exd files will let you start Excel and the compile error in the hidden module issue will be resolved.

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3: Move sầu PDF Maker Files

If you are using Adobe Acrobat PDF Maker then to solve sầu this issue you need to move sầu the Pdfmaker.dot tệp tin & Pdfmaker.xla files to lớn a different location. To bởi so follow the steps given below:

Click on the Windows inhỏ and type pdfmaker. *


Clichồng on all files and folders.


In the All or part of the tệp tin name type pdfmaker. * và search


Once the files are located, right-click on the pdfmaker.dot & pdfmaker.xla, và select the Cut.


Go to lớn the Desktop và Paste it


After moving the PDF files by performing the above-stated steps compile error in the hidden module excel issue must be solved.

4: Update Lademo Version of Adobe Acrobat

If the above sầu method mentioned didn’t fix the Excel Compile error in the hidden module năm nhâm thìn problem, then you can try updating the Adobe Acrobat version.

To update the add-in Adobe Acrobat, visit the official website of Adobe. You can find the newest updates in the tìm kiếm engine by searching the Adobe Acrobat Updates.

After updating the Adobe Acrobat restart your system & see if the compile error in hidden module Excel problem is solved or not.

5: Fix “Compile error in hidden module” Module 1

This error also occurs when you have recently upgraded or might have saved an Excel tệp tin that was created in different locations between versions.

To fix Excel compile error in hidden module  issue follows the simple steps mentioned below:

Select the file that is wrongly saved in ExcelPress AltF11 to go into the tệp tin Visual Basic Editor.From the Tools thực đơn, select the ReferencesScroll down to the Available References box và uncheck all that starts with MISSING:Press AltQ when all the reference errors have sầu been unchecked.

These steps will help you to fix the compile error in hidden module 1 issue.

Automatic Solution: MS Excel Repair Tool

If you are finding the above sầu solutions difficult to perform & if you are unable lớn solve compile error in hidden module Excel issue, then you can try running MS Excel Repair Tool.

This is an advanced repairing tool that not only repairs damaged, corrupted, or inaccessible Excel files & all sorts of Excel errors but also recovers deleted, lost data from chart sheets, cell comments, formulas & others.

One can easily use this tool without the need for any professional và it supports all Excel versions.