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Curriculum associates: welcome

19:29, 09/04/2021

New Research: How Severe is Unfinished Learning?

This retìm kiếm brief discusses findings from winter i-Ready data this year compared lớn previous years và sheds light on the severity of unfinished learning.

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Support Growth for All Students 

Discover how i-Ready"s integrated teaching & learning system gives teachers the insights và instructional tools lớn differentiate và support all students" growth.

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Differentiated Instruction in Math and Reading

Our programs offer equitable access khổng lồ high-chất lượng instruction through data that is actionable & connects directly to targeted instruction teachers can trust.



Provide Equitable and Accessible Instruction

We are committed khổng lồ instruction and assessments that are culturally and linguistically responsive sầu & engage students with diverse cultural & linguistic backgrounds.



Piông xã a Partner, Not Just a Program

As you navigate extraordinary and unprecedented challenges, your i-Ready Partners team stands ready to lớn tư vấn you every step of the way.

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Meet i-Ready Partners

Our Programs

Our products were designed to lớn deliver the rich insight, powerful instruction, and comprehensive tư vấn that educators trust & rely on khổng lồ help students at all levels, from all backgrounds, achieve their greatest possible gains.

A K–8 core mathematics program that sparks meaningful discourse, strengthens understanding, và inspires learning

Introducing Magnetic Reading, a new reading comprehension program for Grades 3–5 that creates confident readers, collaborative sầu classrooms, & validated students.


Expert Webinars and Virtual Events

Gain insights & advice for instruction, learning, and staying connected.


Grants và Funding

Learn how our programs align to lớn ESSER và other state và federal funding sources.