14:02, 13/07/2021
Linear Composition

These minimalist-inspired furnishings were designed around angled, linear formations in monochromatic finishes. The metal frames that biến hóa these pieces use hundreds of converging lines to lớn create dramatic depth in their ultra-modern configurations.

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Fantastic Fauna

These tabletop sculptures & accents feature dozens of wildlife & nature-themed items for all you animal lovers. Perfect as focal points to any outdoor-inspired vignette or supplementary pieces that can be included in many styles.


Glass & Brass

This elegant throwbaông xã design is centered on solid crystal extrusions. It combines hand-polished edges with Aged Brass accents for a stylish look that"s both nostalgic & contemporary.


Coastal Cool

These seaworthy accents can help transform any space into a coastal retreat. Neutral reef sculptures, maritime style porthole mirrors, vibrant glassware, & tropical lighting are just what you need to create your seaside oasis.

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Contempo-Rustic Ranch

Combining elements from bucolic rural styling with modern thiết kế components can help accent your space with comfort and practicality. Wagon wheel frames & natural wood structures mixed with neutral hues và clean lines will help give your design plans that updated farmhouse vibe.


Magnificent Mid-Century

Many designs from our lighting selections are centered on Mid-Century/Industrial styling. These hanging fixtures, wall-mounted sconces, và table lamps combine simpliđô thị with refinement in the sharp metallic finishes and simple geometric shape.

Triplex Layered Glass

Triplex layered glass is characterized by increased durability thanks to lớn the fusion of several layers of glass. Often in contrasting tones, the combination of hues offers quality reflections with the passage of light.

Natural Materials

Organic materials, including bamboo, ratchảy, reclaimed wood, natural stone, and horn, can help bring the great outdoors inkhổng lồ your home page. Pair these elements with live plants và natural light for a fully formed wilderness-inspired ensemble in any setting

Hand Painted Finishes

With inspiration drawn from abstract art, these bespoke accessories are hand-painted by skilled artisans. Each individually painted vase and bowl features a distinctive tone and pattern that varies from vessel to vessel, creating an công trình uniquely fit for each application.