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What is digital tv tuner device registration application and should it be removed?

05:22, 31/03/2021
Does the digital TV tuner device registration application slow down your máy tính or PC? You can easily detect this problem if you run a security cleaner or Windows task manager.

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The TV tuner AKA ehPrivJob.exe belongs khổng lồ Windows Media Center và it enables you khổng lồ watch cable TV on Windows PC.

In case, the device registration application causes a problem, then you came lớn the right place. We have sầu explained 3 tested troubleshooting fixes that will help you disable or remove it once & for all.

But before that, it’s important khổng lồ know what is this digital TV tuner application?

What Is The Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application?

Basically, thedigital TV tuner application is a part of the Windows Media Center. This phầm mềm makes it possible for your PC lớn receive and display a digital signal. It helps us khổng lồ watch digital cable channels on our computers.

If you want lớn know whether your device has a digital TV Tuner Device, just look at the device label. IfIntegrated Digital Tuner,Digital Tuner,orDigital Receiver is writtenon it, then your system has a TV Tuner in it.

Why It’s Important To Turn Off This Application?

The digital TV tuner is also known asthe ehprivjob.exe pháo process. Its anon-system process resulting from software that’s installed into your system. If you run any Installed software, it stores its data on the system registry. When these apps create invalid entries on your system, then PC performance gets slower.

In other words, when you run Windows Media Center, the digital TV Tuner Device registration application process also runs. It’s a autostart process. To check, if your PC encountered a TV tuner ứng dụng, you can open Task Manager and see it with your eyes.

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Most of the cases this process is not CPU intensive sầu. But there are certain cases wherethis registration application literally slows down PC performance. As the question on Quora says;

Digital TV Tuner device registration application, it’s slowing down my máy tính by 72%. I tried to lớn uninstall Windows Media Center via the Control Panel, but I could not find it there. Is there any way to safely remove sầu it or fix this issue?

Especially if you run multiple processes thendigital TV tuner device applications can become a serious threat. That’s where its important tostop the digital TV tuner device registration application.We have provided here 3 quiông chồng fixes, so you can resolve this issue properly.

Should I Remove Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application, If it’s Slowing my PC?

There are 3 solutions provided here. Whether you have a TV tuner for a máy tính or for a PC, with these quiông xã fixes you can easily fix digital TV tuner devices.

Turn It Off Using Built-in Windows features

Use Resource Monitor To Stop This Error

Uninstall Digital TV Tuner Registration Application (100% Works)

1. Turn It Off Using Built-in Windows features

The first attempt you might want to lớn make is, by turning off Windows features. This method includes some steps:


Press and hold Ctrl + Shift + Esc khổng lồ open Task Manager.Alternatively, you can pressthe Windows key + R lớn Run dialog box. Then type resmon and press Enter.Cliông xã to lớn the Performance tab inside Task Manager and cliông chồng the Open Resource Monitor located at the bottom.What you need to lớn vị is to lớn take a look at the CPU, Memory, and Disk sections.In these sections look for the ehprivjob.exe process and stop it.Once you find it, simply right-click on it then choose End Process.Here you can also stop other processes if you think these are eating your memory.

3. Uninstall Digital TV Tuner Registration Application (100% Works)

If none of the above sầu fixes worked for you, then you got only one way. You need lớn uninstall TV Tuner from PC. This way the problem ofDigital TV Tuner Device Registration Application will go away for good. With this fix, you can alsodelete any registry entries on your computer. For that:

mở cửa Control Panel.Clichồng on Programs & Features inside the control panel.On the danh sách of installed programs, look for your digital TV tuner and cliông xã it.On the upper portion of the window, click Uninstall.Simply follow the uninstallation wizard & wait for the process khổng lồ complete.After that, go to your Registry Editor by holding Windows key + R then. Then type Regedit in the Run dialog box.In the Registry Editor window, navigate to this address (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftware) and look for the thư mục containing your digital TV tuner then delete it.After that, navigate lớn this address and delete any entries (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrent VersionRuneg ui)Once you’re done, restart your PC.

Do I Need Digital TV Tuner Device Registration Application?

This ứng dụng is requiredto lớn watch and record premium digital cable channels from your cable provider. It’s a scheduled task that runs each time you open Windows Media Center.

Without this ứng dụng, you cannot use your PC as a TV. This little hardware cum software helps your PC khổng lồ receive cable signals và then display images. However, sometimes Digital Tuner Device error becomes annoying by slowing your PC.

That’s where you can easily fix the digital TV tuner device. The methods explained in this post will help you a lot.

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