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Dragon throne battle of red cliffs

17:12, 12/04/2021

Real-time strategy with extensive economic elements. The action takes us khổng lồ the ancient Chinese Empire, when the war divided the country inlớn three principalities - Shu, Wei and Wu. The player plays the role of one of the three principality rulers, & his task is khổng lồ unite China.

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Strategy | RTS


Travel baông xã in time lớn one of the most important battles in Chinese history. The Battle of Red Cliffs was regarded as a great milestone in the Three Kingdoms period.

In July, 208 AD, after pacifying the north, General Cao Cao mustered his troops và headed south with the intent of unifying the realm. After a series of quiông xã victories Cao Cao had become so arrogant that he completely underestimated his rivals Sun Quan và Liu Bei, & failed to take advantage this precious opportunity khổng lồ unify the realm. On the contrary, he suffered a huge defeat even though his craông xã forces greatly outnumbered the opposing forces. After the Battle of Red Cliffs, the division of the realm inkhổng lồ three parts began khổng lồ take shape.

Modes: Single-player và Multi-player mode over the LAN

2-8 Lan multiplayer game và a 2-4 Internet multiplayer game.

* Warriors choose from more than 40 different skills.

* Multi-map system enables you lớn separate battlefield and city development.

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* Use "Domestic Policies", "Diplomacy", "Science", "Trade" và other management factors lớn affect your Kingdom"s overall state.

* "Profession-Transference" system enables laborers khổng lồ be trained as a sergeants & then revert to lớn laborers again if needed.

* Tech-tree is composed of over 100 items extracted from the social reality of the Three Kingdoms period.

* Engage in 3 campaigns that allow you to change the destiny of China.

* 2-8 players can engage in multiplayer action over LAN, Internet or GameSpy Arcade.

* All graphics and animations are rendered and modeled according to lớn Chinese history.