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Earphone là gì

16:07, 27/03/2021
a piece of electronic equipment that you put over or in your ears so that you can listen privately to lớn radio, recorded music, etc.:

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an electrical device that fits over or in your ears, allowing you to listen khổng lồ a radio or a device that plays music
Participants were told that they would hear a series of sentences over both ears of the earphones they would be wearing.
It is generally played through earphones so that the patient can control many aspects of what is heard.
Hospitals have been advised lớn do this; earphones & pillowphones are in general use in most hospitals.
It was an interview where one does not see the interviewer, conducted through a mouthpiece & earphones.
It seems only yesterday that one was messing about with a cat"s whisker and a crystal và wearing earphones.
It is completely incomprehensible to others who hear a somewhat disembodied, sepulchral twittering which emanates from the earphones of those machines.
The earphones would enable people khổng lồ listen lớn it: the cotton wool would not prevent people from hearing it.
In addition, the practice has grown up of not having loud wireless sets in wards but of having individual earphones.
Many people walk around, sometimes rather dangerously, listening khổng lồ transistor radtiện ích ios and cassette recorders while wearing earphones.

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Personal stereo sets are not capable of generating very high volumes, although the use of earphones means that lower volumes are more concentrated.
What happens in the case of a child who is partly deaf—not wholly deaf, but deaf enough khổng lồ need the help of earphones, perhaps, & some form of electrical amplification?
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