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I need to permanently remove elan "smart pad" touchpad drivers from my laptop

09:15, 25/03/2021
I just got a new Windows 8 máy tính xách tay. So far the biggest problem is the hideous Elan-powered touchpad. It has a crazily-fast và sensitive scroll tốc độ, and has the scroll direction inverted. The controls to modify these settings are greyed out under the Elan panel in control panel > mouse, for some reason.

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I can uninstall it via device manager or BIOS, but what will happen if I do? Will Windows 8 revert to some sort of mặc định, no-frills touchpad software? Presumably at the very least I"ll thảm bại the ability lớn vày anything with the touchpad except move the cursor & cliông xã.


Likely, yes, Windows will revert khổng lồ some simple, basic functions. However, it may completely disable your trackpad, depending on whether the Windows mặc định driver supports your trackpad or not. You should have sầu a USB mouse handy in case this happens.

It"s possible that your trackpad driver may need to be re-installed in order to provide access to the settings you"re looking for. Generally, you can obtain driver installation files from your máy tính xách tay manufacturer"s trang web. Uninstalling and re-installing drivers may or may not fix the problem, but it"s definitely worth a try.

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I bởi not recommkết thúc you khổng lồ uninstall the ELAN driver, you will lost all their functionalities which are very useful.

If sensitive và scroll speed are the problem, you can fix that in their option dialog:

mở cửa the Elan Smart-Pad dialog


The slider allows you to lớn phối the scroll speed


The slider allows you to lớn phối the sensitivity


(I could mô tả more realistic pictures but I am French and my PC also, so I Googled that ones)

Note, if you still want lớn uninstall the driver, you also have sầu khổng lồ uninstall the software (which is not automatically removed) from system program unistaller.



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