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15:10, 15/09/2021
Fully featured Action RPG including leveling up, multiple playable characters, & hours of gameplay• RPG elements: Acquire new skills & abilities as you progress through the game• Upgrade weapons: Level up your weapons và acquire new skills• Item Collection: Discover & use new & more powerful items as you progress.• Two Playable Characters: The young elf, Aurehen, và the Viking, Bior, each with a quality backstory và character abilities.• Hours of Gameplay: More than 10 hours of gameplay for first playthrough. • Original Soundtrack: Soundtrachồng that captures the Nordic and High Fantasy themes of the world of aiesec-unwe.net.

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aiesec-unwe.net - The Last Unicorn - Dev Diary


It’s been almost 4 years since we started the development of aiesec-unwe.net – The Last Unicorn & we are happy to announce that we are finally in the last phase of this journey. It has been a long process of learning, combined with a lot of effort & many hours of hard work khổng lồ develop something interesting that can please the fans of adventure, fantasy and RPG games.

aiesec-unwe.net brings a nostalgic feeling to players who had the chance to play classic games like Onimusha or Resident Evil, but at the same time it offers fresh ideas & new gameplay mechanics.

During the last months, we had the chance khổng lồ demonstrate the game khổng lồ a number of public events such as PAX East and Gamescom where we had the opportunity lớn see how the players react with the game & get valuable feedbachồng that would help us khổng lồ improve sầu the game in the future. Since then, we’ve added many new features to the final gameplay, polished the scenartiện ích ios & the enemies from textures khổng lồ mechanics và AI. Apart from these, we also reworked a number of features such as the character evolution, weapon evolution, crafting system, combat system, and added puzzles và new skills. Additionally, the enemies are now divided into different classes like Healer, Berserker & Mage among others.

aiesec-unwe.net – The Last Unicorn features about 12 hours of gameplay & for the players who enjoy Nordic mythology, we have sầu many references and stories scattered throughout this universe.

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We are soon planning khổng lồ announce the release date on all platforms, so stay tuned!

As we get closer to the release, we will be sharing new images và bringing new information weekly to all users who are interested about aiesec-unwe.net & lớn all who already follow Void Studios và 1C Entertainment on the social truyền thông media.

Lastly, in case you are interested in aiesec-unwe.net - The Last Unicorn, we would be thrilled if you add the game lớn your Steam wishlist! This is the best support you can offer us at the moment.


Add the game to lớn your Wishcác mục on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/714250/aiesec-unwe.net_The_Last_Unicorn/

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"How far would you go lớn clayên ổn aiesec-unwe.net?“

Bachồng in a remote past when the first elves reached the Reign of Alfhelặng, a heavenly & glorious power struông chồng down upon them. The Holy Goddess Marea gave them four unicorns, the legendary animals had become a part of the elves. They would suffer as well when something bad happened to them. It was an incredible & unimaginable power passing down through generations.

One night, the Unicorns were suddenly taken away by witchcraft và for the first time in that era the elves feared for their immortality. Miraculously, one of the Unicorns had survived. He had been found by the Fairies, cursed by witchcraft and with a damaged horn. 

The elves, afraid of the cursem handed hyên ổn over lớn a pure young Elf, whom, according to the elderly scrolls, would be the only one able khổng lồ touch the Unicorn và không tính phí hlặng & the elves from the curse. And that is how the pursuit of aiesec-unwe.net began. FIND US ON GAMEPEDIA: https://thelastunicorn.gamepedia.com/aiesec-unwe.net:_The_Last_Unicorn_Wiki


Paramount và strong. That is how the Vikings are described throughout Midgard. Bior is one of the most powerful warriors of his tribe, carrying a vast knowledge on combat strategies. A devout follower of Odin và Tyr, he inherited the same will & determination of his father, King Bathor - who died in combat when he was only a child. Respected by everyone after annihilating, all on his own, hundreds of men in the battlefield. His danh sách of heroic deeds are just as impressive as his skills with a sword and a shield. Despite of being an expert sailor Bior has lost his crew in the surroundings of an unknown land & seeks tirelessly for answers on what has happened to lớn them.



When she was still a child, she was found abandoned at the bottom of a leafy tree. According to Lurieu scrolls, she was a holy present from Goddess Marea herself, even though this was never proven. The tall Elves named her Aurehen in honour of Laurien’s massive sầu tree, the place where she was found. The child proved her worth soon enough, developing a technique lớn communicate and understand animals, especially the unicorns, the ones she loves và reveres. Aurehen grew up in the woods of Alfheim but she was so deeply touched by the curse put on her frikết thúc Grani - the last of the unicorns - that she became a skilled archer. Following upon a request of the Elves, she went on a trip to the unknown aiming to lớn không tính phí her friend from witchcraft.