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Exterior là gì

11:37, 27/03/2021

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There must be continuity of work, continuity in the collection of information, và in many other ways, such as the building up of exteriors.
Secondly, advertising, particularly street advertising, including the exteriors of cinemas, is another area in which the term "visual pollution" ought to apply.
I should be interested khổng lồ know whether that proposal, whatever stage it has reached, is on the interiors as well as the exteriors of buildings.
Many of these schools have sầu sound exteriors, although the classrooms are the same as they were more than 60 years ago.
All that they need are new exteriors và then the tenants can obtain mortgages và really go to lớn town.
There are also an enormous number of other churches the exteriors of which are highly important but whose interiors have through neglect, changes or rebuilding, become quite unimportant.
We gather from them that they are faced with the problem of wooden rather than briông chồng exteriors, và these do not wear as well và require more maintenance.
Many of the architects have bad taste; they produce tall hotels with blank-looking exteriors và flat tops, except for excrescences such as the top of lift shafts.

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