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Far cry 3 camera zoom without the wheel

05:20, 12/04/2021



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Does anyone know an alternative for using the camera"s Zoom besides using the mouse wheel? I use a Logitech Marbleman Trackball, & while I have sầu a utility or two that emulate a mouse wheel (works on some games & does the triông xã for browsing the web), it doesn"t appear to lớn work for Far Cry 3. I haven"t tried looking for/through the controls via the .txt tệp tin I"m sure there is, because I"ve sầu been too busy just playing without the ability to zoom, but any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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So I"ve searched via Google, & I still haven"t found anything regarding an alternative to using a scroll wheel to zoom. I also don"t want to go around editing files (even if they are just for control). (I also haven"t found them). Insight is appreciated.
why dont you buy a normal mouse to lớn play the game you pay a lot for the game yet you could use a cheap mouse to play it
Personal preference. I"ve sầu used a Marbleman Trackball for the past 8 or 9 years. It"s the mouse I"ve always used to game with. Takes up little space, allows me khổng lồ vì chưng 180/360 turns with a flick of 1 finger, I don"t have to lớn move sầu my wrist at all. I appreciate your "suggestion", but I"d prefer an answer besides "Get a real mouse".
I had the same problem. I"ve sầu worked around it by using AutoHotKey from http://www.autohotkey.com/ with a script that remaps my Page Up and Page Down lớn Wheel Up and Wheel Down & it works great.The script I use is simply:PgUp::WheelUpPgDn::WheelDown
I actually stumbled my way to this post: http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/730962-RE-Mouse-Wheel-Dependency/page1 . Unfortunately, that didn"t work for me. I"ll try the autohotkey thing, though. I"m assuming that they"re extremely similiar, but hopefully, it"ll actually work in game.
So I"m curious if you did anything, such as telling the script lớn run if và only if Far Cry 3 is running? I made the mistake of reversing the script (WheelUp::PgUp), but I fixed it, và it still didn"t work. I may have to lớn reload the game with the script turned on prior to the game being up, but I thought I"d kiểm tra lớn make sure you didn"t do anything else beforeh&. Thanks in advance.

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I had it running before launching the game, but other than that I didn"t vị anything. Perhaps the OS makes a difference - I"m running Windows 8...
Yeah, I"m running Win 7 Pro (64 bit). I dunno, I"ll fiddle around with it some more. Thanks for the info.
It’s just a shoddy port as they didn’t put the extra effort of sorting out the menus either. Selling things can be a pain too.
why dont you buy a normal mouse khổng lồ play the game you pay a lot for the game yet you could use a cheap mouse to play it A: I switch from a "normal" mouse to lớn mousewheel due to carpal tunnel issues. I"m not going baông xã.B: While there are trackman with mousewheels (and I have sầu & use one at work where I never use the mousewheel anyway), I don"t like mousewheels. I prefer a third real button... partly due khổng lồ large hands, & partly due lớn having to move sầu a finger off either the primary or secondary button lớn use it.
Has anyone ever figured out how to lớn rebind the mousewheel yet? Ive tried the same autohotkey script as Fatboyfat_UK had posted above, thats the same "script" that ive sầu been trying to use for years in other games và while it works fine in windows, it wont work in pretty much any game. Specific khổng lồ Farcry 3 it does not zoom the targeting camera, or the large maps.Like some of the other users here, using a Trackman Stationary thats not got a wheel on it. If i had lớn guess, id almost think that the problem was related to lớn the mouse driver since some people can seem khổng lồ get it to lớn work và some cant, could be related khổng lồ windows 8 as well though. Currently im using "Microsoft PS/2 Mouse" under Win7 x64, & having no luck with the following script:PgUp::WheelUpPgDn::WheelDown