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16:16, 29/03/2021
There are many tools out there for benchmarking your graphics cards or GPUs in Windows 10. If you’re overclocking, then we recommend using something lượt thích Heaven benchmark or 3DMark to lớn see if your tinkering is pushing out the framerates you want at the temperatures you want.

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FurMark may look similar to those tools but in reality is more of a bức xúc kiểm tra than a benchmarking tool. What’s the difference? FurMark will push your GPU harder and draw more power, making it a good way of testing lớn see if your graphics thẻ is stable at stochồng settings.

If you suspect your GPU hardware may be faulty, then thử nghiệm it in FurMark, and you’ll quickly find answers. It’s also a good way of testing your GPU’s heat management và will give you an idea about whether you may need lớn tăng cấp your cooling. It pushes your GPU khổng lồ its limits to kiểm tra its stability.

Note: for these reasons, we don’t recommover using FurMark for overclocked GPUs, only khổng lồ bức xúc kiểm tra a GPU at its stoông chồng settings. With that in mind, here’s how lớn găng kiểm tra your GPU using FurMark.

To benchmark your overclocked GPU, check out our guide on how lớn benchmark using Heaven.

1. Download and install FurMark.

2. xuất hiện FurMark, and you’ll see various settings you can play around with. You should leave sầu most of these as as they are if you just want lớn do a regular GPU bao tay test.

Robert Zak

Content Manager at Make Tech Easier. Enjoys Android, Windows, và tinkering with retro console emulation to breaking point.

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