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17:26, 29/03/2021
Futakuđưa ra onmãng cầu By Matt on May 31, 2013, in All Yōkai, Chibố, Chūbu, curse, Kantō, The Night Parade of One Hundred Demons, woman


Translation: two-mouthed womanHabitat: usually occurs in married womenDiet: as a normal person, only twice as much

Appearance: Families who notice that their food stocks are shrinking at an alarming rate, while the women in their houses hardly eat a bite, may be the victims of a futakuđưa ra onmãng cầu. Futakubỏ ra onmãng cầu appear as regular women until their terrible secret is revealed: in the baông chồng of their skulls—buried beneath long, thiông chồng hair—is a second mouth, full of teeth và with large, fat lips. This second mouth is ravenous, và uses long strands of its hair-like tentacles lớn gorge itself on any food it can find.

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Origin: In the folk tales of Japan’s eastern regions, futakubỏ ra onmãng cầu are most often thought to be shape-changed yama ubố posing as young women. In the western regions they are frequently shape-changed kumo, or magical spiders. In the other tales they are the result of curses brought about by wicked deeds, similar to lớn rokuro kubi. In each story, regardless of its true nature, this yōkai is used as a punishment upon a greedy man or woman for wickedness và extreme parsimony.

Legends: One story tells of how in a small rural village in Fukushima there lived a stingy miser. Because he could not bear the thought of paying for food to support a family, the miser lived entirely by himself. One day he met a woman who did not eat anything at all, & he immediately took her for his wife. The miser was thrilled with her because she never ate a thing và was still a hard worker. However, his stores of rice steadily decreased, and he could not figure why, for he never saw his wife eat.

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One day, the miser pretended khổng lồ leave for work. In truth he stayed behind to spy on his new wife. As the miser watched from a hidden location, his wife untied her hair, và revealed a second mouth on the back of her head, complete with ghastly lips và teeth. Her hair reached out with tentacle-lượt thích stalks & began khổng lồ scoop rice balls into lớn the second mouth, which cooed out with pleasure in a vulgar, raspy voice.

The miser was horrified & resolved to divorce his wife as soon as possible. However, she learned of his plan before he could act on it, và trapped hyên in a bathtub and carried hyên off inkhổng lồ the mountains. The miser managed lớn escape. He hid in a heavily scented lily marsh where the futakuđưa ra onna could not find hlặng.

Another story tells of a wicked stepmother who always gave sầu plenty of food lớn her own daughter, but never enough to her stepdaughter. Gradually the stepdaughter grew sicker and sicker, until she starved lớn death. Forty-nine days later, the wicked stepmother was afflicted with a terrible headache. The back of her head split open, and lips, teeth, và a tongue formed. This new mouth ached with debilitating pain until it was fed, và it shrieked in the voice of the dead stepdaughter. From then on the stepmother always had lớn feed both of her mouths, and always felt the hunger pangs of the stepdaughter she murdered.