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00:42, 04/04/2021
10 Best Last Man Standing Games (According To Metacritic) The Last Man Standing genre can be very entertaining. Here"s a look at 10 of the most highly regarded games, according lớn Metacritic.

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With the sudden rise of the Battle Royale genre, it"s time to address the bigger umbrella -- Last Man Standing. Last man standing doesn"t necessarily mean miễn phí for all. The main element of a last man standing format is that players are eliminated after a stipulation is met (i.e. killed, thrown out of bounds, etc.). This continues until one player is left standing.

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This format can support matches with four players, all the way up to a hundred. The last man standing genre tests players" survivability, outlasting each other in a battle of might and wit. These formats also take the size of different genres such as platformer, action shooter, fighting, & even racing. With that being said, here are 10 of the best last man standing games according lớn Metacritic.

10 Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout (Metascore: 80; User Score: 7.3)

Fall Guys start
Fall Guys is a wacky platformer game featuring live sầu decorated beans, playing similarly to lớn those crazy game shows. Up to lớn 60 players outlast each other in the ultimate obstacle course of fun shenanigans. Fall Guys" bright vibrant style, along with some wacky ragdoll physics, provides for some memorable gut-busting laughter. The scenes Fall Guys introduces can be best described with the description: "my last brain cells during a math demo." Apart from the absurdity of the game, the gameplay is surprisingly competitive as well, minus the rage & toxicity.

9 Duchồng trò chơi (Metascore: 82; User Score: 8.4)

Duck Game is a wacky 8-bit arcade game that pits four ducks against each other in a last man standing format. That picture alone is enough to describe what sort of wackiness lies ahead. The weapons in the game include a mind-control ray, a holy book, a gun that turns ducks inkhổng lồ roast dinner, some shoes that goombố stomp enemies, jetpacks, gifts, flowers, & so much more. To top it all off, ducks can quack và play dead. Players win rounds by being the last man, or duck, standing for each round. The duchồng with the most rounds won at the kết thúc of the maraeo hẹp wins.

8 Fortnite (Metascore: 83; User Score: 5)

fortnite ltm
Fortnite is one of the most popular battle royales today. Baông xã in 2017, everyone and their dog was playing Fortnite, và that community is still going svào until today. Fortnite introduces some of the most complex combat mechanics, but also the most fast-paced.

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In allowing players to lớn harvest resources & build platforms, combatants adopted a quality approach to the battlefield that could be best described as Minecraft with guns and steroids. This brings an absurd battle pacing khổng lồ the 100-player last man standing game.

7 Wreckfest (Metascore: 83; User Score: 6.5)

The only racing game on this danh sách, Wreckfest is one gr& demolition derby that encourages carnage và havoc on the racetraông xã. Apart from your traditional circuit matches, that somehow also has mechanics of destruction, Wreckfest introduces a last man standing game mode where players ram each other to oblivion. The game introduces simulated damage, and allows different vehicles from lawnmowers and sản phẩm điện thoại couches lớn quái dị trucks & school buses to lớn battle it out. The game is best experienced with a racing set to truly feel the impact of the rams and t-bones.

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6 Worms W.M.D (Metascore: 83; User Score: 7.8)

These last man standing games are really fond of using anything but humans. The Worms franchise features turn-based games where players have khổng lồ annihilate each other with different militarized weapons within a destructible 2D plane. The craziest thing about Worms W.M.D is that up khổng lồ six players can play against each other, controlling a maximum of eight worms each. That"s a total of 48 worms in a small island of a battle arena. Worms W.M.D. utilizes the best weapon physics to create absolute carnage on the battlefield. This turn-based game features some of the wackiest destruction in a last man standing game.

5 PlayerUnknown"s BattleGrounds (Metascore: 86; User Score: 4.6)

Otherwise known as PUBG, this game blends simulated military elements with a battle royale format. The non-arcadey elements of the game encourage players to be methodical và careful in their approach to lớn the open plains of PUBG"s battlefield. There is satisfaction in killing some foolhardy sprinter from 200 yards away with a 16x scope equipped .50 cal.

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The game rewards players by simply being tactical as players can win chicken dinner just by killing one person. Though this 100-player battle royale popularized the genre, it wasn"t the first last-man-standing game; with memes crediting the "original battle royale" award lớn the next thành tựu on this menu.

4 Bomberman Blast (Metascore: 86; User Score: 7.5)

The Bomberman franchise features a cartoon dude planting cartoon-lượt thích bombs across a cartoony 2 chiều plane. The goal of Bomberman is khổng lồ eliminate all enemies with the strategically placed bombs, while also opening the battlefield for play by clearing out the debris. The use of a 2D plane blends nicely with the bombs that only have sầu a cross-like area of effect. Enemies can be trapped against a corner by the bombs, leaving them to lớn their inevitable demise. Bomberman Blast on Wii supports up lớn eight players, and is the highest Metacritic-rated Bomberman game. To this day, Bomberman remains a classic from its first release in 1985.

3 Apex Legends (Metascore: 89; User Score: 6.8)

Apex Legends brought an amazing roster selection to the battle royale format. Each playable character has their own skills và abilities that tailor to particular play styles. This makes team-based battle royales more dynamic & varied in approach. Combatants are also really vibrant with their personality from the cool groovin" Lifeline lớn the mysterious void walking Wraith. Apex Legends also introduces a redeploy system where eliminated combatants may be "resurrected" by their team. There"s always something khổng lồ experiment with in Apex Legends, leaving no dull moments.

2 WWF SmackDown! 2: Know Your Role (Metascore: 90; User Score: 8.5)

WWF Smackdown is one of the classic wrestling games, and also one of the best games on Playstation. The game lets players select from almost 60 wrestlers, each with their own quality moves và abilities. Apart from traditional wrestling matches, Know Your Role supports elimination matches for up lớn four people. These match modes are conveniently named "Battle Royal."

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Players are eliminated via pinfall, submission, KO, over the top rope, or whatever the stipulation requires. There is also the 30-man royal rumble where competitors outlast 29 others in an over-the-top-rope free for all. The carnage in this classic wrestling game is endless as it gives players many various options to tailor stipulations to their liking.

1 Age Of Empires II: The Age Of Kings (Metascore: 92; User Score: 9.1)

Age Of Empires is a historical RTS franchise that pits civilizations against each other through the ages. From colonization lớn industrialization, Age Of Empires offers a wide arsenal of deployable troops, artillery, and cavalry fitting for the time period lớn lay siege lớn the enemy. The game also encourages large-scale tactics in battles, along with innovations such as agriculture, mining, and technological retìm kiếm. Up to lớn eight players can engage in epic battles where they must strategize their approach to be the last civilization standing.