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Neeko vs yasuo counter tips

15:29, 29/03/2021

How to Play Against Yasuo (Top/Mid và ADC)

Yasuo is a very annoying champion to play with and against. Our team’s Yasuo always seems to hit that 0-10 power spike quickly, while the enemy’s Yasuo always solo carries and takes over the game.

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In this guide, we’re going lớn break down some tips và tricks khổng lồ reduce the enemy Yasuo’s carry potential and prsự kiện hlặng from 1v9ing your team.

Regardless of Yasuo’s position, the advice we will discuss in this guide will work against Top, Mid, và ADC Yasuo.

Please note however that ADC Yasuo has a slightly different playstyle to lớn solo lane Yasuo.

We’ve also recently released new champion combo pages so you can brush up on which Yasuo combos khổng lồ look out for.

How lớn play against Yasuo

Manage the minion waveBe aware of his synergies with his alliesAvoid team fighting in the jungle or around objectivesAbuse your range advantageBait out his Wind WallChoose a counter pick

1. Manage the minion wave

Managing minion waves in League of Legends is a powerful strategy that is hardly utilized in the lower ranks. With proper wave management, you can tone down the potentness of Yasuo in the early game.

By keeping the minion wave sầu closer to your side of the bản đồ, Yasuo should have sầu less room to lớn maneuver & less opportunity to chase you down the lane. If you’re overextended and constantly pushing in a side lane, you’re an easy target for an all-in as the lanes are longer compared to lớn the mid lane. He can also use the minion wave sầu khổng lồ cthất bại the gap and chase you down or escape a skirmish.


To get the wave khổng lồ stay closer to your side of the bản đồ, you need khổng lồ make sure the enemy has more minions than you vì chưng. If you want the wave cthua kém to your tower, the enemy needs to lớn have more than two or three (or more) full health minions than you bởi.

Wave management is tough lớn talk about, but we’ve sầu made an in-depth wave sầu management guide that will help you understvà the ins and outs of how khổng lồ manage minion waves lớn make laning against Yasuo easier. Here are some additional pointers:

Avoid constantly pushing the minion wave. Otherwise, it will allow him khổng lồ chase you down.Stay away from the minion wave sầu so he cannot E to you with ease.Once he has completed his first thành tựu, his all-in pressure increases- vày not overextend.If you want to push, use your abilities to push while playing as far back as possible.If his Support has strong all-in, avoid pushing the wave sầu as they can all-in you over & over again. This is a favoured tactic by Gragas, Nautilus, Alistar and Leomãng cầu players.
2. Be aware of his synergies with his allies

When Yasuo is paired with a tank Support or anyone with a knockup or lockdown tool such as Gragas, Nautilus or Alistar, their laning phase can be tough to lớn play against as they have a lot of all-in potential & can 100 khổng lồ 0 someone very quickly. These champions are picked with Yasuo as they can allow hlặng khổng lồ use his Ultimate very easily.

When you’re laning against bot lane Yasuo, và he has an all-in Support, the duo may look for all-in opportunities at these times:

Level 2 all-in

You can counter this by hitting cấp độ 2 at the same time as the enemy. To hit màn chơi 2, you need lớn kill the first minion wave sầu và the next three melee minions on the second minion wave sầu. If you’re not going lớn hit cấp độ 2 simultaneously or before the Yasuo, position safely.

While they probably won’t kill you at màn chơi 2, they can still look for a favorable trade and force you to lớn burn through your health potions.

Level 6 all-in

When Yasuo has access lớn his Ultimate, he can use it on a target that is knocked up by either his Tornavày or an ally. Post 6, Yasuo’s all-in strength will be much higher: thus his kill pressure increases.

Whenever his Ultimate (& his allies Ultimate lượt thích Gragas or Nautilus) is up

Yasuo’s will be playing around his Ultimate khổng lồ get kills in lane. Whenever it’s up, respect his all-in potential & avoid standing cchiến bại khổng lồ one another. This will make it harder for hlặng to lớn kill both of you in lane.


All images similar khổng lồ this are from the LoL Wiki.

There are many opportunities for Yasuo và his Support khổng lồ run you down the lane and kill you. Keep these timers in mind and try to lớn play around them if you can. For the most part, being respectful will reduce his kill pressure.

3. Avoid fighting in the jungle or around objectives

We briefly touched on it in our previous tip, but standing away from your allies is one way of reducing Yasuo’s ability to lớn hit multiple champions with his Ultimate.

In team fights, avoid grouping too closely together so he cannot land a five-person Ultimate.

Yasuo’s will only giảm giá khuyến mãi damage to one champion, but he can keep every knocked-up champion nearby airborne which can allow his team to lớn follow up, reposition or khuyến mãi damage to them.

Avoid fighting around objectives and in the jungle as teams are usually grouped closely in these parts of the bản đồ which increases his chances of hitting every enemy team thành viên. Additionally, if his allies have sầu an AOE knockup or knockbacks like Nautilus or Gragas, it could mix hyên up for a great Ultimate.

Nautilus R can knock up multiple champions.

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Try your hardest lớn look for fights in an open part of the maps where he cannot hit every thành viên of your team with his Ultimate. At the very least, vày not staông xã on top of one another.

4. Abuse your range advantage

Yasuo is a melee champion who can be abused heavily by ranged champions. If you’re able khổng lồ harass và poke Yasuo, it will make it hard for hyên lớn look for an early all-in or use his E aggressively.

Getting early poke down at màn chơi 1 and 2 will also force hyên ổn to lớn burn through his health potions khổng lồ remain in the lane, which is a huge benefit.

Every time Yasuo tries lớn secure a minion, try lớn auto-attachồng hyên or use an ability on hyên. Repeat this as often as you can. However, rethành viên that he can use his E lớn dodge skill shots.

Avoid auto-attacking him when there is a large minion wave sầu as the minions will start to focus you. Walk backward after hitting him lớn drop minion aggro, or run inside a nearby bush.

If you walk forward & chase hlặng down, you run the risk of taking excessive sầu minion damage which could work in his favor and even out the trade.

5. Bait out his Wind Wall before committing to lớn an all-in

It is somewhat apparent, but try your hardest to bait out Yasuo’s Wind Wall before committing your Ultimate or an all-in. Yasuo’s W will blochồng all projectiles coming his way, which includes the likes of Lucian’s Ultimate, Syndra’s Ultimate, và Zoe Q.

If you want lớn commit khổng lồ an all-in, avoid using (high cooldown and high cost) abilities until his Wind Wall has been used.


There are many ways you can bait out this ability, but it depends on the champion you’re playing và your kit.

As a marksman, you could look for an aggressive auto-attaông chồng all-in, bait out the Wind Wall, & then wait for your cooldowns khổng lồ be up again before looking for round two.

Take note that his W has an incredibly long cooldown which you should look lớn abuse. At rank 1, it has a 30-second cooldown, which provides plenty of time for you to lớn look for a follow-up play.

For melee champions with no skill shots lượt thích Darius or Renekton, this tip doesn’t really matter.

However, if your Jungler needs to lvà a skill shot for them to lớn CC the enemy like Elise, try khổng lồ bait out this ability before she arrives to increase your chances of taking him down. Yasuo may just throw out his Wind Wall by mistake.

6. Counter piông chồng him

Yasuo will always be a trendy piông xã & players love to play hyên over và over. As such, it may be worth it to have a Yasuo counter prepared.


Yasuo struggles against these champions:


Renekton has a lot of burst & point và click CC. As soon as Yasuo uses his E near you, you can blow hyên ổn up. Renekton is useful in the mid và top lane, which is an added benefit.


Malzahar has great wave sầu clear, can farm from a distance and is overall a very safe champion. He can use his Ultimate to lớn CC Yasuo as soon as he uses his E on a nearby minion. Malz also has great gank mix up, which will help to lớn put Yasuo behind.


Similarly to Renekton, Pantheon has a lot of burst damage và point và clichồng CC too. He also has good wave clear và roaming potential which can help hyên ổn impact other parts of the map relatively quickly.


Nautilus Support is an excellent piông xã inkhổng lồ Yasuo as he can lock hyên down with CC whenever he looks for an all-in. Nautilus has the most CC tools in the game which can provide his ADC time to lớn escape or trade baông chồng with the Yasuo.

Avoid picking squishy imsản phẩm điện thoại mages into lớn Yasuo as he can run them down and dodge their abilities. Piông xã champions who can trade bachồng with hlặng when possible.


To summarise, Yasuo is a pain to lớn deal with, but it’s not impossible. If the enemy has locked in Yasuo and you know you’re going to lớn lane against him, pick one of the champions we’ve sầu suggested lớn make his laning phase a living hell. If you’ve sầu already shown your pick, use the rest of the advice we’ve sầu provided in this guide khổng lồ make dealing with hlặng a little bit easier.

If you have sầu any questions or want lớn learn more, check out PicklePants’s stream.