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06:06, 07/04/2021

Pre-registrations of Tom và Jerry: Chase, a fast-paced and wild 1v4 battle Smartphone game for Android/iOS, is now available for players in Vương Quốc của nụ cười, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Brunei, và East Timor.

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The fast-paced and wild gameplay promises to lớn make Tom và Jerry: Chase one of the games to watch this summer. Select one of two sides and unleash your wild side. Join the quick-witted mice in their efforts khổng lồ team up và snatch up cheese while making fun of the cát. Or join the cat side and go it alone to lớn fool mice & turn the tables. Players can enjoy a fast & frantic duel within just eight minutes, anytime, anywhere.

The easy-to-understand game rules & simple interface make Tom and Jerry: Chase suitable for players of all ages. Also, to lớn better cater to lớn the needs of Southeast Asia players, the game minimized the package form size and optimized the network connection after the Closed Beta Test.

For those itching to get in on the action, a pre-registration event for Tom and Jerry: Chase starts today.

To celebrate the pre-registration launch, a special event is being held. When the total number of pre-registrations reach certain thresholds, all players will receive sầu special in-game rewards.

30,000 pre-registrations = 1,000 Gold for all players.

80,000 pre-registrations = 500 Perk Points for all players.

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150,000 pre-registrations = Happy Fairy Godmother Avatar x1 for all players.

250,000 pre-registrations = Picture Avatar Frame x 1 for all players.

400,000 pre-registrations = Permanent skin: Starry-eyed Youth x1 for all players.

Those who wish lớn take part in this exciting new mobile game can sign up for the pre-registration event here: www.tomandjerrychaseasia.com

Pre-register at App & Google Store: https://go.oneliên kết.me/GMRF/eba4c567

Follow Tom và Jerry: Chase on Facebook for more information & events with great prizes!

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