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16:10, 29/03/2021

Since 2001, The Go Game has turned the most skeptical employees inkhổng lồ wildly enthusiastic team players. By gamifying a wide variety of events for groups of ten lớn ten-thousvà people, we"ll enhance your company culture lớn make it more than just a buzzword. See for yourself why thousands of industry leaders call us the best in team building và beyond.

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Be the company hero and plan the ultimate event

Socially Distant FTW! No matter the personality, size or location of your group, we’ll help you choose the perfect team building event. Bring us your creatives, your intellectuals, your athletes -- we"ve sầu got games for everyone. Our expert Game Producers create magic with a combination of our own công nghệ, creative ideas, & customizable options (all while wearing a cool orange jumpsuit).

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Virtual Team Building Has Finally Arrived

Our virtual platkhung "Go Remote," complete with a live sầu professional host, will connect your teams và guests in completely new và innovative sầu ways. Trivia, Puzzles, Fact Match, Pictionary, Karaoke (& much more) are all perfectly paced to lớn create an experience that will delight & excite all personality types.

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Turn your các buổi tiệc nhỏ into lớn an epic adventure

We love sầu lớn buổi tiệc ngọt & we’ll help you plan yours anywhere in the world. Let us customize a game featuring your guest(s) of honor (awkward family photos anyone?) & turn your celebration into lớn something truly special in San Francisteo or beyond.

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Our Games Are About More Than "Just Having Fun"


Stiông xã to the Classics With Our Classic trò chơi

Our best-selling Classic Game is the most popular team building activity for a reason. Think: Amazing Race meets America’s Funniest Home Videos, peppered with Cranium, facilitated by an expert trò chơi Producer. Teams raông chồng up points by finding clues, performing creative challenges, & going head khổng lồ head with their colleagues while working toward a comtháng goal: winning. (Just kidding, the goal is khổng lồ build stronger teams và create a stronger culture.)

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Team Build Safely và Socially Distanced!

Nearly all of our in-person events take place outdoors, và easily lkết thúc themselves lớn social distancing. Typically only one player holds/reads the game phone, so it"s easy to stay together-apart, and the city can be your playground again!

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“Our trò chơi Producer was amazing and made the experience "magical" as we say here at Airbnb. Her attention lớn detail, ability khổng lồ clearly identify needs and her overall insight, elevated the team building experience beyond expectations.