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What is grabcar plus

19:09, 06/04/2021
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It seems lượt thích private oto hire apps are trying to one-up each other these days.

A few weeks back, Uber partnered up with ComfortDelGro khổng lồ launch UberFlash, summing up a total of 28,3000 cars in its fleet.

And now, Grab is going lớn up the ante by launching GrabCar Plus in April.

What is GrabCar Plus

According to lớn their site, it is a deluxe pháo service where drivers can earn more as fares are increased by 20% and they have the option of rejecting GrabShare bookings.

This new feature will also mark the kết thúc of the GrabCar service.

This new service has superfluous criteria: only certain car models qualify, cars must not be older than 3 years for GrabCar economy drivers and 5 years for GrabCar premium drivers.

With that said, the drivers will still get bookings from JustGrab, GrabShare, GrabCar Premium & GrabFamily.

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Image: JCREATION / shutterstock.com

How vị you qualify?

Your first 50 rides will be reviewed, and you have sầu lớn maintain an acceptance rate of 90% & a driver rating of 4.8.

That is just the first hurdle.

To be part of this “super elite club”, you have khổng lồ ensure that not more than 2% of your trips receive negative sầu comments.

So, if your car is not in tiptop condition, chances are, you might get your “Plus” status revoked.

What vì chưng drivers think?

In an interview, Grab Driver, Johnny Tan said that the criteria is a high bar khổng lồ meet and the strict criteria reduces the odds of drivers enjoying the incentives.

“The scheme also seems to be filtering out drivers, especially drivers with personal vehicles that are older than three years, và relegating them to lớn compete with taxis on JustGrab,” he added.

Transport experts also gave sầu their two cents

Transport economist at Singapore University of Social Science, DR Walter Theseira said: “There must be a segment of consumers who are willing to pay a little more, but not as much as GrabCar premium, for an assurance of quality… It is not too different from the ‘premium economy’ option that airlines offer.”

But he also expressed his scepticism, questioning the need for such a service in a small market where there isn’t a huge service gap.

I can see the value in other cities where there may be a larger difference in ride chất lượng. It definitely makes more sense lớn push out this service in bigger cities, where cars could be older because there is no system (lượt thích the Certificate of Entitlement) to lớn encourage drivers lớn change lớn newer models,” he added.

What do riders think about this new feature?

“I usually go for whatever is the cheapest. Most of the time JustGrab is cheaper, so I choose that, so if the GrabCar option is gone I don’t think it will make much of a difference khổng lồ me,” said Grab rider Charissa Kow.

Personally, I don’t really care about the brand of the car, as long as it gets me from point A to lớn point B.

Through efficiency và cheap costs, they manage to lure passengers from taxis lớn private cars and with this new feature, it’s lượt thích taking 10 steps back.

Are you going to pay more for a 30-minute ride?

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