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Gta vice city 2015 hd !!!

14:36, 20/10/2021

This is modified version of vice city considering modern Miami theme. It includes a lot of modifications, just to lớn make it look lượt thích Modern Vice City. I started this project in 2015, when I was 13 year old, just for fun, But it gone quite popular with over 1 million downloads, so now I decided lớn update it whenever I get free time.

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This is mega update for GTA Vice City Modern v1.2 compatible for windows 8,8.1,10 32/64 bit. This Mod version is recommended for High-End Gaming PC.
















Graphics Enhancements

This includes skygfx, Limit Adjuster, 2dfx, High Draw Distance of cars & buildings, Multi Sets, ENB reflection adjusted for skygfx, Occlusion, Water Reflection, Depth BIAS, Smooth Shadows, Anti Aliasing, Depth Of Field, No Bloom, Ultra HD particles và effects, trails, Ultra HD Water, Weather, Sky, Rain và much more...

Textures Enhancements

A lot of textures of old buildings have been upgraded, roads, pavements, grass, are adjusted lớn match modern atmosphere.

Cars And Pedestrians

All Pedestrian are changed and made more HD, realistic và similar lớn GTA VAll Vehicles have been changed, with sports cars, luxury cars, sports bikes, and with those graphics applied, it looks ultra HD.

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Other Mods

GTA 5 HUD has been added, you can change weapons & radio stations just similar to lớn GTA 5, di động phone has been also added, press P. to lớn bring it out or in. First Person View is also added, you can just switch to it by pressing V , GTA 5 character animation is also added, you can walk while firing weapon & jump, & swyên ổn, some nice songs are also added in mp3, Cleo along with Parkour is also added, Vegetation, tress and grass, is also changed and now look more HD, a lot of Dull Buildings textures are also changed và made look more HD. GTA 5 lượt thích camera movement is also added, with square và HD radar.


The most common bug of mouse click và cursor is also fixed. Bug With Loading or Saving files is also fixed. All Windows 8,8.1 and 10 related minor bugs are fixed.

Android Version

This hack is only for windows but, soon I will convert this hack for game android too.

How To Install :

⦁ Extract the game into lớn original Vice City Directory.⦁ Replace all files with these ones.⦁ Start launching game by clicking on gta-vc.exe pháo.⦁ Enjoy!!!

Press following keys lớn activate CLEO files

⦁ Press R+LMB to use stinger, only works in cars.⦁ Press G to lớn sit with the passenger.⦁ Press Shift+F10 lớn disable other graphical effect (recommended for low end pc)⦁ You can also save sầu game in Standing Vice Point and interior is also opened!⦁ Press V to change to lớn first person, Player Parkour is also added.⦁ Press P lớn use điện thoại.


Install DirectX and Visual C++ Redistributable Packages

Click Here To Download Them

For people who are having lag on Low-End Computers, tải về this file và replace it in GTA Vice City Modern Directory. If you need any help then contact me on my discord Talha#5005

Credits: Talha Mustafa

If you need any type of help or want khổng lồ give sầu feedbaông xã or advice khổng lồ improve this thủ thuật, then you are most welcome.

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