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Cách căn lề trong word cực dễ dàng, dân "gà mờ" cũng làm được

05:51, 07/04/2021

The gutter margin is a typographical term used to designate an additional margin added to lớn a page layout to lớn compensate for the part of the paper made unusable by the binding process. In a facing pages layout (aiesec-unwe.net refers khổng lồ this type of layout as "mirror margins"), the gutter margin is on the very inside of both pages. It is uncommon to use a gutter margin in a single-sheet layout, although aiesec-unwe.net allows you lớn do that. In single-sheet layouts, the gutter margin is typically the area where you might three-hole punch your paper.

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To mix the gutter margin in aiesec-unwe.net, you follow these steps:

Choose Page Setup from the File menu. aiesec-unwe.net displays the Page Setup dialog box. (See Figure 1.)


Figure 1. The Page Setup dialog box.

Using the Gutter control, indicate how wide you want the gutter margin to be.Clichồng OK.

aiesec-unwe.netaiesec-unwe.net is your source for cost-effective Microsoft aiesec-unwe.net training.(Microsoft aiesec-unwe.net is the most popular aiesec-unwe.net processing software in the world.)This tip (172) applies lớn Microsoft aiesec-unwe.net 97, 2000, 2002, và 2003. You can find a version of this tip for the ribbon interface of aiesec-unwe.net (aiesec-unwe.net 2007 and later) here: Understanding the Gutter Margin.

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