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Blade & soul

09:50, 26/03/2021

The main port of the Blackram Eastern Fleet, commanded by Vice Admiral Poharan’s grandfather, Admiral Hae Mujin.

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This dungeon is filled with a large amount of patrolling mobs that serve lớn harass you.

Kill the miniboss, Defense Captain Aeji, khổng lồ lower the drawbridge needed to proceed. The fight is a simple one, with the only somewhat problematic part being the area of effect the trùm will periodically place.

Cross the drawbridge & make your way towards Streamkeeper Akan, defeating him will allow you access to the Dragon Pulse and the next portion of the dungeon.

Fly over the Vulture adds & run inkhổng lồ the little hut và past it, ignore Guard Captain Genso, the Blackram, Hoglin, and Tiger adds và remix them by jumping onto lớn the stack of crates lớn the left. Afterwards fly over to lớn the other empty phối of crates; be careful of the Gunner Guards stationed above.

Guarding the entrance to the first trùm is Beast Tamer Bu Lu, along with two bears Voytak and Mogom. An additional miniboss that patrols a different section of the area will make his way towards the group upon beginning combat with the first, however it is possible to lớn kill the first minitrùm and proceed into lớn the trùm room before he arrives in order to avoid fighting hyên. Only the door guards must be killed in order to lớn open the door lớn the trùm room.

Venomous Thrasher:


HP: 1,150,000

Enrage: 5:00

CC: 2x


Area of effect Spin causing knockback to lớn anyone hit. Blockable.Head smash that will cause knockup, followed either by another smash or being grabbed và chewed on. Cannot be blocked.Targeted Bite. Blockable.Rear 180 degree Tail Swing. BlockableBite.

If the tanks stands 9 meters or further, the trùm spits poison that leaves a puddle và then does a charging headbutt that inflicts Knockbaông chồng and Knockdown.

Periodically the Thrasher will jump and hang onlớn the ceiling, & become immune lớn further attacks.

The entire group gains the “Egg” debuff for two minutes, decreasing attachồng power by một nửa. This can be cleansed with the waterfall ports in the four corners of the room & will grant a 60% Movement Speed, 1/2 Critical Rate, and 50% Attaông xã Power buff when cleansed, but don’t cleanse just yet.Harpoon Guns scattered around the ground will be able lớn picked up. The 1 skill can be used to lớn destroy the eggs that will be around the room, which will leave a smokescreen that negates projectiles when destroyed. The LMB skill is used lớn shoot the boss off the ceiling. If the eggs are not destroyed they will hatch into plague mites that can be incredibly problematic if not quickly dealternative text with.The trùm will alternate between shooting area of effect pools of poison and spitting poison projectiles at the group.After being shot enough times, or after being on the ceiling for a certain period of time the trùm while either fall or jump off. At this point all players should make their way khổng lồ one of the waterfall ports to lớn cleanse the debuff & return khổng lồ fighting the trùm. If the debuff is not cleansed the boss’s following unblockable area of effect will detonate the debuff dealing significant damage. Otherwise the area of effect is harmless.


Run past the gate, run lớn the left and run up the stachồng of crates. lưu ý that the middle cannot be run up because it is a destroyable object. Glide khổng lồ the next stachồng of crates, then glide to lớn the next phối of crates & barrels, be very careful of the Gunner Guards as you vì this. Then wall run horizontally on the right crate lớn reach the miniboss.

Kill the miniboss, Head Enforcer Gwiparan to lớn open the gate to lớn the next trùm. Minibosses Blade Master Captain Sahun and Blade Master Commander Bi Mujak patrolling the other areas will arrive sầu to help, but despawn when Gwiparan is dead.

Munitions Officer Blood Mane:


HP: 4,450,000

Enrage: Roughly 7:00 (hidden)

CC: 2x


Targeted punch. Blockable.Frontal 180 degree sweep. Blockable.Punch.3-hit area of effect Spins, knocking bachồng anyone hit. Blockable.Area of effect roar, dazing anyone hit. Blockable.

If the tank stands 9 meters or further away, Blood Mane will leash them and hit them three times.


At every 10% of his health lost, Blood Mane will activate one of the automatons around the room, and follow up with an unblockable room wide area of effect which can be interrupted by 2x CC. The automatons will aggro on to the person closest lớn them & charge across the room in the direction of that person until they die.

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These automatons stack the “Laceration” debuff on anyone hit by them, including the trùm. This debuff aids in speeding up killing the trùm, as at high stacks it will tichồng for quite a high amount of damage. The automatons will thảm bại health every time they hit the wall, and can also be hit by all attacks, boss và player alượt thích.

On enrage, he does not kill the entire buổi tiệc ngọt. He will repeatedly use a field-wide unblockable area of effect that isn’t CC’able, although he can still be killed if players can weave through the constant attacks.


There are only two minibosses, Kung Fu Masters Stately Hunjin and Lovecrazed Nam Juri, a few patrolling mobs, và a very short path to lớn the next set of bosses. Be careful not to get knocked into the wall of fire behind the minibosses.

Cobalt & Scarlet Widows:


HP: 796,000 each

Enrage: None

CC: 2x

Both bosses attachồng pattern are fairly random, alternating between Kung Fu Master và Force Master attacks. All attacks except one fire or frost area of effect respectively can be blocked.

At 70% & 30%, if both bosses vày not hit the HP.. threshold at the same time, they will use a four hit martial dance attachồng that will daze anyone hit with every hit. Their attacks often knockbachồng và a fire wall appears at both the entrance and exit, be careful not khổng lồ get knocked inlớn it.

If one Widow reaches 1 HP., she enters Chi Recovery state for 50 seconds và becomes immune khổng lồ further attacks. If this succeeds, she will regain 40% of her health and come baông chồng to the fight. This is stopped by defeating the other Widow before the timer ends.


Boatswain Jangrum awaits at the end guarding a raised drawbridge, but he retreats at 80%. Five sầu waves of Yutay adds will arrive from the entrance, with the miniboss returning at the final wave. The levers near the drawbridge can be operated to sumtháng an automaton that stuns the adds.

Navigator Gar Lee, stands guard at the main entrance khổng lồ the Blackram ship. He will sumtháng multiple training dummies that will explode & damage anyone nearby if not killed.

Inside the ship are the final two minibosses, Quartermaster Lapup và Artillery Officer Bomsiwa. At multiple times throughout the fight, fire will fill the two lanes across the middle of the room, damaging any player that walks inlớn it. This can be dangerous lớn players with low health.

Admiral Hae Mujin:


HP: 1,970,000

Enrage: 9:00

CC: 2x


Area of effect Jump, causes aerial, unblockable. If this connects on the tank it will be followed by either a grab or an upward punch. The grab can be interrupted with CC’s.Frontal 180 degree Leg Sweep, dazing anyone hit. Blockable.Area of effect Jump, causes knockdown. Blockable.Targeted punch. Blockable.Targeted punch, causes Knockbaông chồng and Daze. Blockable.Shadow Dance behind the Tank.3-hit area of effect Spin that causes knockbaông xã on each hit. Blockable.

Hae Mujin may randomly bởi vì a four hit martial dance on random targets, the last hit will cause knockup.

If the tank is 9 meters or further away, the boss will charge towards them causing daze.

Hae Mujin’s Shadow 80%:

At 80%, the trùm will vị an unblockable area of effect shout, jump to the center, and sumtháng a clone with the same attacks, which will proceed to lớn spin around the area, knocking baông chồng anyone hit by the spin. If the clone is not killed, the real trùm will vị another unblockable AoE và begin to spin around the room himself, while the clone will fight normally, giving the các buổi party a chance to lớn kill it. On the other h& the clone will despawn once the real boss hits 1/2 health.

Missiles 50%/40%/30%:

At 50%, 40%, và 30%, the boss will repeat the unblockable shout from earlier, jump to lớn the center, and summon six unblockable area of effect missiles attacks three times in total in random spots within the room.

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Missile Barrage 20%:

Starting at 20% the trùm will alternate between the area of effect shout & missile attacks for the remainder of the fight.

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