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Heat wave là gì

10:49, 28/03/2021

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Such temperature increases could exacerbate heatwaves, increase photochemical smog production, và increase air conditioning energy use.
Egyptian health authorities say at least 40 people have sầu died in the last two days amid a scorching heatwave hitting the country.
The worst-case scenarquả táo - which will become reality if action to tackle climate change fails - foresees searing heatwaves reaching temperatures of 48?
The science is strongest for heatwaves and then droughts, and more challenging for flooding & storms, though in some cases still possible.
The paper concludes that with climate change projected lớn increase the frequency và severity of future heatwaves, these results highlight an emerging trkết thúc.
Previous studies have sầu attributed changes in heatwave frequency & severity khổng lồ human-caused climate change, or demonstrated the effect of extreme heat on human mortality.
As temperatures rise, understanding & mitigating the impact of heatwaves is becoming a pressing issue.
This week a brutal heatwave sent temperatures over 100 degrees, putting a major strain on utilities & threatening to devastate this year"s wheat crop.
The new study will state with greater confidence than in 2007 that rising manmade greenhouse gas emissions have sầu already meant more heatwaves.

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It warns that no heatwave on record has ever had such a widespread effect on human health, as experienced during those months of 2003.
In the laser plasma heatwave concept two laser pulses of frequency coo và w, are injected inlớn a plasma with a plasma frequency o>p.
In the laser plasma heatwave experiments, since there is no selection of the injection phases of the individual particles, a spectrum of electron energies may be expected.
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