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Noted with thanks

08:55, 06/04/2021
I"m a software developer. My situation is, I"m working with my customer (onshore project manager) via chatting using Skype.He helps me lớn make his side"s VPS available and give me a links to the chạy thử page so that I can chạy thử the page.After he send me the links. I reply:

OK.I will chạy thử it now.But my boss (solution architect) immediate talk lớn me (via Skype too)

You should say "Ok noted"Could anybody please explain when lớn use "Ok noted"?What are differences between "Ok" và "Ok noted"?

Sorry for my aiesec-unwe.net. Thank a lot!


"OK Noted" would be considered a pointless affectation in many environments. It doesn"t necessarily add any information, and in most IT environments, your response would give sầu exactly the right amount of information.

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That said, he is your trùm, so depending on your particular goals & aims, and his personality, you may just wish to go with "OK Noted" anyway.


I hear "OK Noted" in meetings all the time. It has two very subtle meanings.

#1 - We got what you are saying, let"s move on. (way lớn shut someone up)

#2 - Jotted that down for meeting notes. Meaning they said the phrase lớn communicate to lớn you that they took a note on your idea/conversation/task. If there is a possible action thành công for the "OK Noted" conversation you can be sure to lớn see it in an email soon.


In this situation "OK." would be considered acceptable.

I know a couple people that insist it"s an overly curt reply, but most people in our field recognize it for what it is. It"s a simple acknowledgement of receiving data. It stems from handshake protocols & how every "push" has a reply to acknowledge that it was properly received.

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"I will thử nghiệm it now" of course is the better answer. It tells your customers of the next step và every customer wants your next step.

"OK noted" stops the conversation. There is no commitment of action on your part. It is nothing but a recognition that you have sầu received something. Whatever you want to lớn vị next, your customer will not know.

When you talk to a customer, put yourself on her or his shoes. Customers are human beings, not just a part of your job or something which is part of the process.

I suggest you continue what you are doing. However, before that, ask your trùm if "OK Noted" is a policy or just a matter of style. It it is a policy, get a plain aiesec-unwe.net book và give your trùm a copy.


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