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Idea là gì

00:47, 06/04/2021
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idea /ai"diə/ danh từ ý niệm, bốn tưởng, phát minh, ý suy nghĩ, ý kiếna fixed idea: quan niệm chũm địnhthe young idea: lối nghĩ về tthấp thơ, trí thông minh trẻ thơ ý niệm, khái niệm, sự đọc biết quawe hadn"t the slighthử nghiệm idea of it: công ty chúng tôi không có một ý niệm về chiếc kia, Shop chúng tôi lưỡng lự một chút gì về điều đóto give an idea of something: cho 1 ý niệm về vấn đề gì sự hình dung, sự tưởng tượng; điều tưởng tượngI had no idea you could vì chưng it: tôi không hình dung được anh rất có thể làm cho điều đó dự định, chiến lược hành động, ý đồwhat"s the big idea?: (mỉa mai) cậu nuôi ý muốn điên rồ gì vào đầu thế?man of ideas: bạn lắm mưu nhiều kế, bạn tài giỏi xoay (triết học) mẫu mực lý tưởng phát minh (theo Pla-ton); ý niệm của lý trí (theo Căng); đối tượng trực tiếp của thừa nhận thức (theo Đề-các-tơ, Lốc)
khái niệmquan tiền niệmý tưởngidea processor: CPU ý tưởnggeneral ideađại ýidea refrigerantmôi chất rét lý tưởng

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Từ điển Collocation

idea noun

1 plan/suggestion

ADJ. bright, brilliant, clever, excellent, good, great, marvellous | valuable, worthwhile | exciting, inspirational, interesting, stimulating | constructive, positive sầu | creative, imaginative sầu, innovative sầu, original | wacky | big The lachạy thử big idea is to make women more interested in sport. | alternative sầu Group counselling is used as an alternative idea to punishment. | fresh, new | absurd, bad, mistaken, ridiculous | crackpot, crazy, mad, outlandish, wild | half-baked | ambitious, big, grand He joined the company as an office assistant with big ideas. | grandiose | basic The basic idea is that we all meet up in London.

VERB + IDEA have sầu Do you have any ideas for a present for Lara? | come up with, dream up, hit on/upon, produce, think up | draw, get Her ideas are drawn mainly from Chinese art. | contribute, đầu vào | moot, put forward | promote, push (forward), sell They managed khổng lồ push the idea of moving office through the committee. | welcome Most employees welcome the idea of a ban on smoking. | consider, entertain, flirt with, toy with I"m toying with the idea of packing in my job. | mull over, turn over He kept turning the idea of resigning over in his mind. | encourage, generate Brainstorming is a good way of generating ideas. | stifle a system of decision-making that stifles original ideas | reject, scoff at, veto lớn | chạy thử, try out | bounce around, bounce off sb, brainstorm, discuss, explore, talk about I met up with a designer khổng lồ bounce a few ideas around. It"s useful to lớn have sầu someone khổng lồ bounce ideas off. | exchange, pool, chia sẻ | give sb What gave sầu you the idea khổng lồ go freelance? | apply, implement, put inkhổng lồ action/effect/practice The idea had long been mooted but nothing had been done lớn put it into practice. | transkhung, translate How could we translate the idea into lớn business reality? | steal She accused the company of stealing her idea. | impose She always tries to lớn impose her own ideas on the rest of the team.

IDEA + VERB come into lớn sb"s head/mind, come khổng lồ sb, flash across/inlớn sb"s mind/brain, hit sb, occur to lớn sb, pop into sb"s head, strike sb The idea for the invention came to lớn hyên in the bath. | emerge, evolve sầu, khung, grow An idea began khổng lồ khung in his mind. | flow His ideas flowed faster than he could express them. | come from sb/sth, date back from/lớn sth, originate, start, stem from sth The idea for the Olympics originated with Pierre de Coubertin. | blossom, work (out) The idea has now blossomed into lớn a successful mail-order business. | lead The idea eventually led khổng lồ the invention of the telephone. | come to lớn nothing

PREP.. ~ about I have sầu an idea about how lớn tackle the problem. | ~ for We were asked khổng lồ suggest ideas for improving efficiency. | ~ of She had the idea of advertising on the Internet.

PHRASES be open lớn ideas I don"t know what to vì chưng, but I"m open khổng lồ ideas. | the germ/glimmering of an idea The germ of his idea came from watching a bird make a nest. | have sầu other ideas I wanted lớn take the week off, but my boss had other ideas. | it might be an idea It might be an idea to leave sầu a note on the door for Mark.

2 thought/impression

ADJ. clear, concrete, precise | abstract | theoretical | basic, rough, vague He gave sầu me a rough idea of what was wanted. | key, main The book introduces the key ideas of sociology. | dominant | fixed, inflexible | preconceived | definite, firm, strong She has very definite ideas about what kind of a job she wants. | complex, difficult | simplistic | conventional | traditional | radical, revolutionary | contradictory | erroneous, false, wrong I don"t want anyone getting the wrong idea about me. | funny, strange | utopian | lãng mạn People have a thắm thiết idea of the police force. | new-fangled | outdated | not the faintest/foggiest/remotest/slighchạy thử (informal) I haven"t got the fainthử nghiệm idea what she meant. | artistic, economic, intellectual, moral, musical, philosophical, political, scientific | fascist, feminist, nationadanh sách, sociamenu

VERB + IDEA get They seem to have sầu got the idea that we will be giving them a lift. You"ll soon get the idea (= understand). | espouse, have, hold He holds very different ideas to lớn mine about discipline. | develop, khung, shape the experiences that shaped her ideas | express | communicate, convey, get across, get over, present, put across The book puts across complex ideas in a way anyone can underst&. | demonstrate, explain, expound, illustrate | clarify, formalize, formulate, organize, structure Give careful thought to how to structure your ideas in the essay. | change, reconsider, reshape, revise They had lớn reconsider their ideas in the light of new evidence. | accept | dismiss, reject | harbour I hope he"s not still harbouring ideas about asking me out. | be obsessed with He"s obsessed with the idea of getting a motorxe đạp. | relish I don"t relish the idea of sharing an office with Tony.

IDEA + VERB amuse sb, appeal khổng lồ sb, please sb The idea of going khổng lồ his rescue amused her. | catch on, take hold Some students started wearing denim, & the idea caught on.

PREP. ~ about She"s got some funny ideas about how lớn motivate staff. | ~ behind The idea behind the ceremony is khổng lồ keep the gods happy to ensure a good crop. | ~ of Swimming in an icy river is not my idea of fun.