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Explore best jorougumo art on deviantart

12:56, 25/03/2021
Jorōgumo By Matt on May 31, 2013, in All Yōkai, Chūbu, Chūgoku, Kankhông đúng, Kantō, Kyūshū, prostitute, shape-changer, Shikoku, spider, The Night Parade of One Hundred Demons, Tōhoku, woman


Translation: entangling bride; alternatively whore spiderHabitat: cities, towns, rural areas, forests, and cavesDiet: young, virile men

Appearance: In nhật bản, some spiders are known to possess amazing supernatural powers.

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One of these is the jorōgumo, known as the golden orb-weaver in English. The jorōgumo is the most well-known of the arachnid yōkai, & found all over the Japanese archipelago except for the northern islvà of Hokkaidō. Their body toàn thân kích thước averages between two khổng lồ three centimeters long, but they can grow much larger; some are massive sầu enough to catch and eat small birds. Renowned for their kích thước, their vividly beautiful colors, and the large và strong webs they weave, the beautiful jorōgumo are also famous for the cruel destruction they wreak on young men. Written with modern kanji, their name means “entangling bride.” However, these characters were added much later to cover up the original meaning of jorōgumo—”whore spider.”

Behavior: Jorōgumo live sầu solitary lives, both as spiders và as yōkai. When a golden orb-weaver reaches 400 years of age, it develops magical powers và begins khổng lồ feed on human prey instead of insects. Jorōgumo make their nests in caves, forests, or empty houses in towns.

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Possessing a cunning intelligence and a cold heart, they see humans as nothing more than insects lớn feed on. They are skillful deceivers and powerful shape-shifters, usually appearing as young, sexy, and stunningly beautiful women.

Interactions: Jorōgumo’s favorite prey are young, handsome men looking for love—or other favors. When a jorōgumo spots a man she desires, she lures hlặng inlớn her trang chủ with promises of affection. He is never seen again. Jorōgumo spin silk threads svào enough lớn ensnare a grown man so that he cannot escape. They also have powerful venom that can slowly weaken a man day by day, allowing the spider to savor her victim’s long and painful death. Jorōgumo can control other, lesser spiders, even employing fire-breathing spiders lớn burn down the homes of any suspicious meddlers. They are such skillful predators that a jorōgumo can operate like this for years & years, even in the middle of a busy city, piling up hundreds of desiccated skeletons of foolish young men.