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How to recover an activation code for a kaspersky application

21:47, 11/04/2021

If you didn"t receive an tin nhắn with the purchased activation code to the email address you specified when making the purchase, liên hệ the store where you made the purchase.

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You may need an activation code for your aiesec-unwe.net application not only for activation after the purchase but also for installation on a different device or in case any license problems occur. You can find the instructions on where you can find an activation code in this article. If it is not possible lớn find the code, you can recover it.

The easiest way to lớn vị so is by using your My aiesec-unwe.net trương mục. With your My aiesec-unwe.net trương mục you can:

What to lớn do if you vì chưng not have a My aiesec-unwe.net account

If you have sầu a device with an activated application on it, connect the application khổng lồ My aiesec-unwe.net và follow the instructions below.

If you bởi not have sầu a device with an already activated application or you vày not want lớn connect to My aiesec-unwe.net, follow instructions in this article.

How khổng lồ skết thúc the activation code khổng lồ your email

If the application was connected to lớn your trương mục on My aiesec-unwe.net, you can send the activation code to lớn your gmail. For instructions on how to connect the application to lớn the My aiesec-unwe.net tài khoản, see this article.

Click your email address và select Account settings.


Go to lớn the Activation codes tab. If necessary, you can change the gmail address khổng lồ which the code will be sent. Clichồng Send.

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You will get a message with the activation codes, names of applications & devices on which the applications are installed.

How to lớn view the activation code in My aiesec-unwe.net

This option is not applicable to aiesec-unwe.net Security Cloud and aiesec-unwe.net Password Manager.

Go to lớn the Licenses tab & find the Activation code field.


You will see the 20-digit activation code.

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