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Kingdom wars 2: definitive edition trên steam

15:23, 02/10/2021



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An intense real-time strategy game set in a dark fantasy world of Orcs, Elves & Dragons. Kingdom Wars 2 combines the best of Zombie survival & crafting with complex fast-paced city building. Fight massive sầu siege battles that turn beautiful landscapes into gory blood-soaked battlefields.

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hi how vì chưng i fix my trương mục for (Kingdom Wars 2: Definitive sầu Edition) i started a solo game and it crashed i restarted the game và loaded my save after that the screen started flashing trắng and then gave sầu me a pop up saying i have sầu been banned from online?...
It is kind of annoying to lớn rebuild dagbor và all ogres are useless since I did not know that they couldnt move sầu through a gate.This game could have been so much better if the devs got a few more small things done properly. I cant believe they missed this. It is a good game ruined by laziness....
Issuing orders is STILL laggy, by a full second. It"s virtually unchanged and this is unbelievable. Single player matches should not be laggy.Battle sounds are STILL repetitive sầu to the point of irritation.Loading screen music STILL blares well above sầu the volume settings I chose in options. I assume that means the audio issues in-game are still present, but I won"t really know because I didn"t play past the first five sầu seconds of the game due khổng lồ the still-present lag issues.The UI is STILL an unintuitive...

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things I would like to see changed1. I would like to have sầu the option to lớn choose what formation & upgrades and behaviour my troops will have sầu when coming out of the buildings as long as have sầu completed the research 2. zombie survival move sầu players khổng lồ the corner of the maps & put them together add a trader where resources come from outside of the maps every 5-minutes or so which can be upgraded khổng lồ receive sầu more can add some random missions outside of the walls lớn rescue other units & Resources failure khổng lồ ...
Hi everyone,I figured I"d open a discussion lớn debate the best survival mode units since most discussions so far are either people complaining with no suggestions or people gloating with no advice.So, let"s have sầu a productive sầu conversation here.Here"s what I"ve sầu noticed so far: I feel that archers are beneficial for the beginning few waves of zombies, even with fire arrow upgrades và using volley when they are amassing at your gates or fighting with your melee line after breaking through.<...