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14:44, 25/12/2021

If you want lớn play a mage champion with the ability lớn put extremely strong damage in League of Legends, choose LeBlanc. You want khổng lồ have sầu cool processing phases full of variables, the answer is still to lớn choose the girl LeBlanc. So, here is the article for you to lớn refer khổng lồ How khổng lồ play LeBlanc season 11 full episode from AZ, rune board và how lớn build LeBlanc Our (2021).

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How to lớn add LeBlanc gems season 11

How to add skills LeBlanc season 11Pros and cons of LeBlancHow effective sầu LeBlanc combosHow lớn play LeBlanc season 11When lớn choose khổng lồ play LeBlanc

How khổng lồ add LeBlanc gems season 11

LeBlanc Rune of Damage with Electric Shock

The best choice of Super Gems for assassin mage models lượt thích LeBlanc will definitely be Electric Shock in the Overwhelming system, helping her khổng lồ khuyễn mãi giảm giá damage to lớn finish the target faster. LeBlanc can detonate 3 points of Electric Shock extremely easily with both his QWER skill sets dealing damage. Furthermore, the skill Seal of Malice (Q) và Transcendent Chain (E) can also cause explosion damage up to two times.

There are 3 small gems you should choose:

Sudden Impact increases Magic Penetration after using Transfiguration (W) surf away.Collecting Eyeballs gives a little extra AP when participating in kills.Ultimate Hunter reduces the ultimate cooldown when participating in kills.

The next side of the sub-jewel system you should get is Keen Dinc with 2 small gems:

Burning helps the first skills every 10 seconds khổng lồ burn more damage, better health when in lane.Absolute Concentration grants bonus APhường when over 70% health.

Summoner Spells for LeBlanc

(#1) Flash + Ignite

(#2) Flash + Teleport

Flash is Important Summoner Spells When Playing LeBlanc. Despite having a very mobile skill set, LeBlanc should still bring more Flash khổng lồ be more confident, lớn have sầu more magical handling situations in combat.

The second spell you consider choosing:

Ignite for a better stachồng of kill damage. Especially Ignition is very effective with champions with svào healing abilities such as Swain, Vladimir, Sylas, etc.Or Teleport to help teammates fight better with LeBlanc’s very good tracking và target control.

How khổng lồ build LeBlanc season 11

Essentials for LeBlanc

How khổng lồ build LeBlanc when encountering strong Heal

How to lớn build LeBlanc when facing svào AD

How khổng lồ build LeBlanc when encountering svào AP/CC

Equip the situation for LeBlanc

How to lớn dress up for LeBlanc properly It’s also as simple as choosing equipment that increases AP. like normal magicians. You should start with four items of Sorcerer’s Shoe, Luden Storm, Cosmic Engine, & Morello’s Demon Book for the Grievous Wound effect and the required amount of ability power + skill cooldown. Especially the legendary equipment Luden Storm you should buy as soon as possible, so that LeBlanc can clear soldiers quickly và roam.

The next two items you should buy are Rabadon Witch Hat & Void Staff lớn get a lot more magic power và magic penetration, they are very effective because at this time usually the enemy team already has a lot of resistance equipment.

However, depending on the progress of the match, instead of equipping the Morello Demon Book, you can go to lớn Zhonya Hourglass to lớn better survive sầu in combat if you encounter a lot of svào AD, or go khổng lồ the Cross Chain lớn create a shield to avoid magic. unexpected AP/CCs like Malphite’s Unstoppable (R), Blitzcrank’s pulls, Thresh, etc.

Finally talking about mythical equipment for LeBlanc, if you don’t lượt thích Luden Storm, you can choose many other mythical items that are still very effective for LeBlanc. For example, Liandry Grief Mask to lớn deal burning damage as a percentage of health if the enemy team has buffalo champions lượt thích Cho’Gath, Sion, Nasus, etc. In case it feels lượt thích your team lacks control effects, equipment The Eternal Ice Staff is also a good choice for rooting and slowing enemy AOE, etc.

How to add skills LeBlanc season 11

The order of adding skill points for LeBlanc

You add 1 point for each LeBlanc skill và then max it in order of Distortion (W) > Seal of Malice (Q) > Transcendent Chain (E) . Simulation Ultimate (R) you get it right according to lớn level 6, 11, 16.

You should upgrade to lớn the maximum skill Transformation (W) first because it is the main source of AOE damage for clearing minions và trading LeBlanc’s moves. Moreover, when reaching the maximum 5 points, Distortion (W) cooldown is only 10 seconds (6 seconds left at 40% Cooldown Reduction), making LeBlanc much more điện thoại và stealthy.

You maxed out the Seal of Malice (Q) skill the second, and last, skill nâng cấp of Transcendent Chain (E) because it’s harder khổng lồ hit.

LeBlanc’s skill set

Pros & cons of LeBlanc


Very điện thoại.Fast and powerful damage staông xã.Virtual gameplay.Effective ganking roaming.The ability to lớn clear soldiers is good.


The longer the game goes on, the weaker it gets.Not strong in total teamfights.Need good skills.

Tips for playing LeBlanc

1. Simulation ultimate damage (R) LeBlanc’s is separate, regardless of whether you gain a lot of points on the remaining 3 skills or not. So re-emulate whatever skills you feel are necessary.

2. Simulation Ultimate (R) Has no mana cost và has a low cooldown, so you can cast Distortion (W) twice to clear the wave very quickly và then roam for kills.

3. When facing LeBlanc, enemy champions will often use their skills lớn orient themselves on the return point of Distortion (W) . So it’s very important that you time your press return.

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4. When LeBlanc’s health drops below 40%, you can stvà still & press Alt + right mouse button to control the illusion created, tricking the opponent inlớn chasing it.

5. You can bind the target for up lớn 3 seconds with 2 times of Transcendent Chain (E) , making it easy for teammates khổng lồ add damage.

6. Every time LeBlanc disappears on the maps, it puts a lot of pressure on the other lanes, so you should avoid revealing as much vision as possible.

7. When playing LeBlanc, try lớn dodge the crowd control effects (including silence), they make her unable lớn reactivate the Transfiguration (W) skill. lớn return.

How effective sầu LeBlanc combos

Combo #1: (Q) + (W)

This is the basic combo lớn harass the enemy in the laning phase. Set the skill Seal of Malice (Q) on target first, use Distortion (W) lớn detonate, then reactivate Distortion (W) return. You will always have more profitable trades than the opponent.

Combo #2: (W) + (E) + (Q)

This bộ combo is used when LeBlanc has to lớn shorten the distance from the target. You use the skill Transkhung (W) get cthua trận to unleash the Chain of Transcendence (E) Easier khổng lồ hit, adding a Mark of Malice (Q) . After 1.5 seconds the chain và press are both detonated once more.

Combo #3: (W) + Flash + (R)

This is the best bộ combo khổng lồ shorten the distance with 2 times the Transformation skill (W) along with Flash, which is great when you see an opportunity to lớn scavenge low health targets.

Full Dame Combo: (Q) + (W) + (R) + (E) + (W2) + (Q) + (W)

Finally, the full bộ that deals the most damage khổng lồ LeBlanc, helps you solo 1vs1 very well with opponents in the same lane. First you put the Seal of Malice (Q) On top of the target, dash in with 2 Distortion (W) & throw the Chain of Transcendence (E) , when the opponent returns the attaông chồng you re-activate Distortion (W) snatch baông xã. Then wait a few seconds on the cooldown before you can use QW again.

How to lớn play LeBlanc season 11

Road phase

In the early stages of the game LeBlanc is quite strong so the goal will be lớn play pinch & win the lane. Use the Seal of Malice (Q) combo often + Distortion (W) to lớn poke the enemy’s blood when he last hits minions, especially when dealing with short-handed champions. When you have sầu drawn about 1/3 of the enemy’s health bar, you can completely think of investing in more Flash & Ignite to continue the bộ combo to lớn finish the target.

You should also pay attention lớn the small maps to lớn coordinate with the jungler to lớn invade the enemy jungle, the ability to lớn maneuver from the Transformation skill (W) & good control from Transcendent Chain (E) LeBlanc’s is really effective for early teamfights.

Mid game

The mid-game period from cấp độ 8 lớn level 12 is, in our opinion, the strongest time for LeBlanc because at this time the enemy team doesn’t have a lot of tank equipment. You should make the most of this time, buy more Control wards và switch to Oracle Sweeper equipment lớn regain vision on the river and actively roam for the advantage of teammates, especially the bottom lane with Dragons và Dragons. focus more people. With a very good single-target approach và stacking skill set, LeBlanc is truly one of the most effective roaming mages.

Late game

The longer the game drags on, the more LeBlanc loses her influence, she is strong in small fights of 2, 3 people, but does not have much effect in 5vs5 total fights. If the enemy team protects important targets such as AD & AP.. too well, choose lớn use 2 times the ability lớn transkhung (W) to giảm giá khuyến mãi a large amount of AOE magic damage is not bad either.

When khổng lồ choose khổng lồ play LeBlanc

We will list 3 champions that can make LeBlanc difficult và 3 champions that can work well with her. Please note that this is only a subjective danh sách, purely for reference purposes only.


Galio: A bull champion with a magic damage shield like Galio will frustrate LeBlanc players. Moreover, Galio’s skill mix is lượt thích born to lớn counter the Trickster. When she flies in, she can immediately eat the provocation from the Dur& Shield skill (W), và the ultimate Super Hero’s Return (R) can very well protect the targets being targeted by LeBlanc.

Lissandra: Likewise, LeBlanc’s dashes will eat even tons of CC from Frosty Circle (W) and her ultimate Frozen Catacombs (R), causing her to lớn sink deep without being able lớn draw. out in time.

Malzahar: The passive sầu skill “Vanity Transformation” helps Malzahar create a shield that greatly reduces the damage taken for a short period of time, it’s like a slap on LeBlanc’s ability lớn quickly stack damage.

Good coordination

Jarvan IV và Alistar: To combine well with a fragile assassin lượt thích LeBlanc, of course, you will need svào and powerful generals like Jarvan IV, Alistar, …

Morgana: When playing LeBlanc you will be very afraid of the control effects when rushing to the enemy team with Distortion (W) , making it impossible for LeBlanc lớn pull back. So Morgana’s Blachồng Shield (E) buff skill will give you a lot more confidence.

The last word before ending the article, if you have sầu any questions or comments about the nội dung we have sầu mentioned in “How to lớn play LeBlanc season 11 full episode from AZ | LeBlanc Rune and Crafting (2021)”Please cốt truyện your opinion using the comment box below.