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Liabilities là gì

13:31, 27/03/2021

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something or someone that causes you a lot of trouble, often when that thing or person should be helping you:
liability for sth Warning notices may not be enough lớn absolve sầu a property owner of liability for visitors" injuries.
Note, the figures zero out in each year as financial assets & liabilities are opposite sides in the creation of a financial clayên.
We can see from this that there has been a rise in the reliance on current liabilities in 1988 compared lớn 1984.
Specifically, this means provided they are prepared lớn work with a smaller ratio of balances/ liabilities.
As with other intermediaries, the nature of these liabilities influences the composition of the asset portfolio.
In fact, their balance sheets are now smaller by the loss of securities on the asset side and of deposit liabilities.
The bias deserves attention and correction, but in ways that vị not exaggerate its liabilities or overlook its virtues.
Life insurance funds invest more in fixed interest securities because a large part of their liabilities is in nominal terms.

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Both the assets and the liabilities of the personal sector have been rising rapidly over the past ten years.
Apparently challengers who are disadvantaged in terms of resources & name recognition offer moderate positions in an attempt khổng lồ compensate for their non-policy liabilities.
He is not unmindful of their shortcomings but is at great pains lớn explain that these liabilities can be overcome.
Decisions about subject & institution might reflect an assessment of one"s biographical liabilities rather than one"s academic interests.
If it accepted that the asset allocation of a pension fund should match the liabilities, the derivation of the entire efficiency frontier is unnecessary.