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Logitech g102 bị double click

20:25, 26/03/2021
I don't even spam left cliông chồng lượt thích a fucking retard, is Logitech really this shit? Seriously, my A1Tech bootleg mouse lasted longer than this but it had a shit sensor. Is there a manufacturer that provides mice with durable switches? I can't find Zowies here in the Philippines. Here are the readily available mice within my area:

Logitech G403 (but with this cheap G102 switch I might stay away from Logitech)

SS Rival 300

SS Rival 100

ASUS Gladius


EVERY mouse will double cliông xã. It's an issue with the switch in the mouse going bad. If you can solder you can fix it yourself but you should probably just get a new one from support.

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You could just open the switches & clean it with a compressed air can. The design of those switches is pretty simple and you don't really need to solder a new one if the only problem is double cliông xã.

clean the switch.

99% of the time it fixes the issue


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Philippines? Bro they sell Ec2-A và other models in Datablitz. Last I checked in the Robinson's magnolia branch.

Mouse 4 on my G303 is double-clicking sometimes.

I once read somewhere that built up static could cause this, & since then i fix the problem for about 2 weeks by unplugging the USB & then spamming all mouse buttons at once for some time.

No idea what it actually does, but it stops the doubleclicks for me.

Omorons manufacturing tolerances are absolute dog shit, only way khổng lồ fix it is to RMA or solder new switches.

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You have a letháng switch if you get double-clicking at 3 months. That happens, sadly.

I have a Logitech MX-518 that was bought in 2006. It is still working perfectly all buttons until now.

I had a G102 that lasted only 10 months which my wife used for office work, left button started double-clicking, but thankfully I was able lớn RMA -- don't know how long this will last.

I have another G102 that has seen heavier gaming use by me (diablo 3, SC2, lots of photoshop), now 12 months (out of warranty) but no double-clichồng issue whatsoever.

I had a Razer Imperator that lasted only from 2011 lớn năm trước, both buttons now doubl-cliông xã.

Omron/Logitech rates these switches -- some 1M or 10M or 100M clicks. But, they can't guarantee every switch. That's why, always know your warranty period -- and don't expect them to last forever.

Buy for comfort and mouse shape I say. Find the shape you return khổng lồ again và again, & just bite the bullet if you get the double-cliông chồng out of warranty.

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Logitech G403 on HyperX Fury Pro S XL
Original Poster3 years ago

Yeah I kind of realized that as well. I have sầu a G403 now that works better and fits my hands even better. Thanks for this somewhat necro reply but I think it's relevant for those who want khổng lồ find mice.

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