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Lỗi there is not enough space available on the disk(s) to complete this operation

07:18, 12/04/2021
Insufficient disk space will not let you complete operations?Have a go at the tested fixes below to lớn quickly solve sầu this issue and get on with your daily tasks.

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Clichồng mở cửa Task ManagerCthua thảm Task manager then cliông chồng OkReboot your computer

4. Replace the normal.dot template

One of the causes of the error ‘there is insufficient disk space khổng lồ complete the operation’ is a corrupted normal.dot template. Here’s how to resolve it:

Cliông chồng on StartIn the Search box type normal.dot. There should be a search option that you can check for ‘search hidden files’, make sure that is checked. If it does not find it, try searching for *.dot. It may be hard to find because it is a hidden file. You may have sầu khổng lồ go inkhổng lồ folder options and be sure “show hidden files” is checked.Whenever you find normal.dot, rename it old.dotRestart your computer.mở cửa your program or file và it will create a new normal.dot template

5. Chechồng the File Allocation Table (FAT)

The File Allocation Table (FAT) uses a 32-bit integer to lớn store the kích cỡ of the files thus it is called FAT32, which then means that the maximum size it can hold is just under 4 GB.

If your external hard disk is using the FAT32 File System, then it isn’t a limitation of Windows that you could be facing in terms of the insufficient disk space error, it is in fact a limitation of the file system.

In this case, you could either split your files smaller than 4GB (typical limit of formats lượt thích FAT32), or reformat the external Hard disk khổng lồ NTFS it to something that allows for files larger than 4GB.

Note: Reformatting the hard disk will wipe any data you have on the drive. Make sure you baông xã up the data to another storage truyền thông media.

You don’t have sầu permission lớn open this tệp tin in Windows 10? Get this error out of your way with these easy steps.

6. Use Disk compression utility

This helps you add more hard disk space. If you are running antivirus software, try turning it off. If this corrects the issue, tương tác the manufacturer of your antivirut software for an update or workaround.

You may be able to lớn recover some disk space by quitting programs that you vày not need. After you quit the other programs, a few minutes may pass before Windows changes the form size of the paging tệp tin.

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7. Run Disk Cleanup

You can không lấy phí disk space by deleting files that you vị not need, by following these steps:

Cliông xã Start, & select All AppsGo to AccessoriesCliông xã System ToolsIn the Select Drive dialog box, click lớn select the drive sầu that you want lớn clean up for example, C:, and then cliông xã OK.On the Disk Cleanup tab, cliông xã to select each of the options for which you want to lớn remove sầu files.Cliông xã OK.

You may be able lớn save sầu your file to a flash drive sầu or network drive sầu or any storage that has free disk space.

8. Clean %temp% folder

After your reboot, clean up the %temp% thư mục by doing the following:

Right click Start và select RunType %temp% và press enter, this opens File Explorer in the TEMPhường folderSelect all files by pressing CTRL+APress DELETEFor any files in use, just SKIPthem

9. Disable add-ins

Right-clichồng Start & select RunType winword /safeIf the program successfully click on the File menuSelect OptionsSelect Add-insClick on the Go button beside the Manage: Com-in Add optionCheông chồng if there are any add-ins enabled, if yes then clear the checkbox khổng lồ disable themRestart the program & check if you are able to launch it successfully without error.

10. Repair Office from the Control Panel

The steps khổng lồ access the repair tool vary depending on your operating system.

Choose your operating system then bởi vì the following:

Right-click Start và select Apps và Features on the pop-up thực đơn.Select the Microsoft Office sản phẩm you want lớn repair, and select Modify.

Note: This will repair the entire Office suite even if it’s just one application you want to lớn repair such as Word or Excel. If you have a standalone phầm mềm installed, then search for that application by name.

Depending on if your copy of Office is Click-to-run or MSI-based install, vì chưng the following.

Click-to-run the programGo to How would you lượt thích lớn repair your Office ProgramsSelect Online Repair to make sure everything gets fixedSelect Repair (The faster Quiông chồng Repair option is also available, but it only detects and then replaces corrupted files.)

If yours is MSI-based, go to Change your installation, select Repair, và then click Continue. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the repair.