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Mcp là gì

05:23, 31/03/2021

In distribution sector, multi-channel planning (MCP) is not a strange concept. Effective MCPhường. will support enterprises expvà their markets, increase their sales, and, more importantly, MCP will have sầu direct influence on sales activities. Ineffective sầu or suboptimal MCP.. will “interrupt” an employee’s work time.

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So, how lớn optimize a channel? & how khổng lồ measure & plan a channel effectively? These questions are difficult to answer for Enterprisers, especially such positions as Sales Manager, Local Director, and Regional Director, as they are the ones that develop MCPhường.

Depending on their specific conditions, each Enterprise may develop their MCPhường. differently, but they are still required lớn comply with the rules of visit hours & geographical distance for each distributor. There are inherent difficulties in MCP, such as how lớn avoid conflicts with delivery channels, fail khổng lồ visit requesting customers, establish inappropriate visit frequency, or difficulties in channel adjustment & update, etc.

Understanding the “pains” of Enterprises, Multi-Channel Planning (MCP) function has been implemented by us và integrated inlớn eSales Cloud DMS solution to help enterprises mix up optimal channels.

Mục lục

1 Now, we will walk you through the steps of eSales Cloud DMS application process to create và manage an Multi-Channel Planning (MCP) effectively.

Now, we will walk you through the steps of eSales Cloud DMS application process khổng lồ create & manage an Multi-Channel Planning (MCP) effectively.


Step 1: Generate a sales channel:

+ Determine distributor channel: based on the system, it allows Enterprises khổng lồ create and manage distributor channels, update necessary information on the distributors, location, và distributor description. In addition, users may adjust, add or remove details upon inputting distributor information

+ Determine distributor sales channel: after establishing distributor channel, Enterprises will establish distributor sales channel (point of sales by distributor’s geographic region)

Step 2: Create & Modify Sales Channel và Customer Channel:


On eSales Cloud DMS system, users may create and modify MCPhường for salespersons and the system will display full details of customers that have và have sầu not created an MCPhường., number of customers that has suspended their business, và number of customers without coordinates.

With eSales Cloud DMS solution, users can easily update their customer information, sales information, & salesperson information khổng lồ customers, making it easy for administrators to lớn sort the channels for each employee.

Sales frequency setting: allows users to lớn flexibly phối up channels once a month (F1), twice a month (F2), once a week (F4), twice a week (F8) and optionally depending on the Enterprise owner’s preferences. It is possible lớn set up visit week and choose the most appropriate order of visits.

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In addition, the superiority of the system also allows users to lớn import data inkhổng lồ the system, including both MCP and customer information. In addition, users can export the các mục of customers into an excel file so that managers or accounting, finance & human resource departments can easily summarize và store.

Employee & customer information inquiry is very simple on the system. As the administrator inquires for information on the map, it will provide users with a full update of information on Customer Code, Customer Name, Address, Sales Frequency, Responsible Employee, Visits và Order of Visits, and Location of Customer at each POS.

Step 3: Inquire Employee & Customer Coordinates:


Via GPS, it allows the administrator khổng lồ inquire the employee’s customer visit information including employee’s name, location, employee’s visit date, và actual time of customer visit. Detailed information will be updated for the administrator, including check-in & check-out time at the point of sale, collected sales, and coordinates of all employees every 5 minutes.

Through the system, managers can traông xã employee performance and their own performance in real time. By just opening the system screen, the administrators will have sầu an overview of customers và employees, which allows them to check the schedule of employees, customers that have sầu been visited, customers that have sầu orders, and, more importantly, provide the managers with details of collected sales, customers that have not been visited, and customers that have not ordered, etc.

MCP. largely depends on GPS location. In case the employees do not have GPS, the system automatically updates every 5 minutes for the menu of employees in areas without GPS. After that, it supports check-in settings for areas without GPS, which will optimize the tracking of employees as well as sales channels.

Step 4: Support lớn prepare reports for administrators:

The system will provide the administrators with all reports & updates, usually those that the administrators will report on a daily và monthly accumulative sầu basis, & employees’ coordinates. The system automatically updates most accurate data on sales by each distributor, working hours of each employee, and their accurate coordinates.

In addition, eSales Cloud DMS Enterprise solution will tư vấn the maximum number of users, helping administrators phối up reports as required by each industry.

Increased sales are also partly thanks lớn the administrators’ effective thiết lập & management of sales. Based on eSales Cloud DMS solution, Enterprises can arrange & recommkết thúc an automated visit order for employees, report an analysis of the performance for each channel over time, as well as the coverage between the plan và actual performance. It helps administrators easily calculate & offer recommendations on the coverage. Good sales management will help the administrators feel secure and focus more on their business strategies. Major corporations and Enterprises that have currently selected and applied our solutions lớn their management include Tuong An, Kao, Hop Tri, Johnson & Johnson, etc.

eSales Cloud DMS Solution– The solution that helps Enterprises optimize their business process và maximize their profit.