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14:38, 16/09/2021
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a game by 4A Games Limited
Platforms: XBox 360, PC, Playstation 3
Editor Rating: 8.8/10, based on 2 đánh giá, 1 đánh giá is shown
User Rating: 9.3/10 - 3 votes
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Post-apocalyptic games make a comebaông chồng year after year. No matter what the scene it always seems khổng lồ be the same. Whether it is zombies, aliens, whatever you have sầu thought about, I am sure it is has been made inlớn a game or a movie already. But what makes a post-apocalyptic game good? Some key things that make a post-apocalyptic stand out và make it great can be gameplay, great storyline, và even the strategy used to lớn get through the game. In this nhận xét, I will be discussing how well Metro: Last Light shines as a post-apocalyptic game sector.

Game Background

I find that Metro: Last Light is chất lượng from the background of the game. To start with, the perspective sầu is from a Russian character. How many games are based on a different perspective? I have not heard of many games that are based on a Russian perspective in many games, never mind post-apocalyptic games. Great to lớn see some diversity here. The game follows from Metro: 2033, another first-person shooter.


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This game follows from that perspective sầu as a first-person shooter. The player plays as a character named Artyom who is obviously Russian. The scene is phối with people living in the subway due to lớn the high levels of radiation. And if you have sầu not guessed the subways are in Moscow which of course is in Russia.


Spoiler alert! The game has a great và I bởi mean a great storyline. So, if there is one thing that I can give Metro: Last Light it would have khổng lồ be a great storyline. It does seem khổng lồ go off course just a little bit in the game, however. In the beginning, it would seem that the focus is on about political struggles between the different fractions that live in the subways. From there it seems that the focus is then shifted from political struggles lớn the supernatural beings living on the surface.

Not a huge make or break for me but just something the player should be aware of. Other than the focusing changing, the game I very easy khổng lồ follow. Lots of lore lớn connect things together và smooth going. The presentation of the game is beautiful, from the post-apocalyptic subterranean Russia scenery lớn the dark and tight underground & the radiated surface, this game keeps the player well immersed in the game. The developer always pays cthảm bại attention to lớn the little details throughout the game as well. Things lượt thích listening in lớn the AI having conversations lead to learning about however day life struggle in the subway is really lượt thích.

These types of little details are what keeps the game interesting. Other little details that really make the feel the player in living with the characters in the game are the paintings on the walls. On the walls, some paintings were left behind from the previous generation that did live on the surface. This gives the new generation a feeling of what it was lượt thích khổng lồ live on the surface before the apocalyptic. Nice subtle details, but some that personal I can really get behind.


There are not loads to speak about here. There are some occasional hick-ups here and there. The player may encounter some bad AI movements here and there. Things as in uneven AI damage to lớn the player. The game does some have some technical issues that include some screen tearing & some issues with textures not loading correctly. If one is playing on a console, there are problems with console freezing as well. Granted they are rare, but they still happen.


My verdict

Straight off the bat, I vày love sầu this game. The storyline does a great job of keeping the player wanting more. The game is about 10 hours of playtime which is a nice comfortable amount of game time. The developer does make sure lớn keep details almost perfect. The lore in the game does connect to lớn gameplay which is a big plus for me.

However, the actual storyline does seem lớn shift focus a little bit halfway through the game. It is great khổng lồ see some diversity in the gaming world for this is told from a Russian perspective. All in all out of 10 this game for me is a solid 8/10.


The storyline keeps you wanting khổng lồ playAttention khổng lồ little detailsPresentation of the game


The gameplay could have sầu been a little betterTechnical issuesScreen tear & console freezing