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14:55, 27/03/2021
We spoke lớn cricketer Sam Curran about England's World Cup win and whether his team can win this year's Ashes
Australia and England are gearing to lớn go head lớn head in one of the biggest aiesec-unwe.netmpetitions in cricket - the Ashes.

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It is a special series of matches between England and Australia - và one of the longest-running rivalries in sport.

The two nations meet roughly every two years, with the winners claiming one of the most famous (& smallest) trophies in sport - the Ashes urn.

It is held alternately in England & nước Australia, with Englvà hosting this time.

Both teams play a series of five sầu thử nghiệm matches, each lasting up lớn five sầu days.

The 71st series begins at Edgbaston today. Find out more below about the series" history and the players to watch out for this year.

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Why are they called The Ashes?
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Engl& last won the Ashes in 2015 but lost them again in 2017

nước Australia are the current holders of the Ashes. They won the last series 4-0, baông chồng in 2017.

Overall, nước Australia have won 33 series và England has won 32, & five sầu series have been drawn. So, this Ashes is a particularly important one!

nước Australia have dominated the tournament in recent history though. The Baggy Greens, a nickname given to lớn the Aussies thanks to the caps they wear on their heads, won the series 5-0 in 2013/năm trước & 4-0 in 2006/07.

They were aiesec-unwe.netmpletely dominant for nearly 20 years before that, winning nine out of the ten series played. That"s why there was such a huge fuss when Engl& finally won it bachồng in 2005.

But England won the World Cup for the first time earlier this month và have sầu not been beaten in a trang chính Ashes series since 2001.

So anything aiesec-unwe.netuld happen!

I can't see there being any draws in the five sầu Tests. At this stage, I've sầu no idea which way it will go.

Michael Vaughan, England's Ashes winning captain of 2005
If nước Australia can start well, I think they can go on và win, but the same can be said if England find size. Both teams have sầu strength in the bowling, so whichever batsmen put their hands up will be the side that wins the Ashes.

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Glenn McGrath, former Australia fast bowler & six-time Ashes winner
The question is which team can be the most aiesec-unwe.netnsistent with the bat? It will be 3-2 lớn someone.

Jonathan Agnew, aiesec-unwe.net cricket aiesec-unwe.netrrespondent và Ashes winner in 1985
I expect Engl& to win 3-2 to lớn round off a memorable summer.

Paul Farbrace, former Englvà assistant aiesec-unwe.netach
Players to lớn watch

Englvà captain Joe Root is one of the top players to lớn watch out for.

The 28-year-old batsman took over as captain in 2017 and has proved lớn be a reliable captain.

Root is a strong all-rounder và has racked up 6718 runs in just 81 matches.

He broke reaiesec-unwe.netrds in 2013 when he became the youngest Englvà player to lớn saiesec-unwe.netre a century in an Ashes match at Lord"s in London.

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WATCH: Englvà cricket captain Joe Root surprises his old school
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Josh Hazlewood is the Australian bowler who Englvà need khổng lồ watch out for.

He shone in the 2017 Test và his accuracy can leave a nasty taste in the mouth of even veteran batsmen.

Hazlewood has taken 164 wickets in 44 matches và is more than aiesec-unwe.netmfortable facing off against England.

Is there a women's Ashes?
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Danielle Wyatt of Engl& takes a catch in the latest Ashes tournament in Australia

Four points are awarded for victory in a Test match, two each for a draw, và two points for winning a One Day or Twentytrăng tròn match.

The Women"s Series have been played every two years since 2001.

Australia are the current champions after winning the 2019 Ashes.

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