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20:20, 26/03/2021
Our Customers Over 17,000 customers love New Relic, from Fortune 500 enterprises lớn small businesses around the globe.


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A complete view of your applications and operating environment

No matter where your applications run, our cloud-based platkhung lets you understvà them all from a single screen. 

Auto-instrumentation for the industry-leading eight programming languages including integrations with the popular open source tools means you can know what’s happening in any application environment.Our instrumentation agents are also now in open source enabling engineers lớn contribute lớn và achieve sầu instrumentation ubiquity. Quickly find root causes và fix issues fast, thanks to lớn in-depth transaction details that show exact method calls with line numbers, including external dependencies for apps of any kích cỡ and complexity.Get a complete picture by combining key metrics from Smartphone & browser apps with supporting services, datastores, và hosts, so you can optimize performance holistically và ensure the success of every initiative.

Start seeing hidden errors in minutes

Whether you’re an engineering manager at a Fortune 500 enterprise or troubleshooting code as a solo developer, you can deploy our multi-tenant SaaS platkhung with ease. No complex configuration, no hardware, no problem. 

With auto-instrumentation & curated views delivered right out of the box, there’s no need khổng lồ st& up servers, stitch together tools, or sift through logs. Quickly detect anomalies, discover deficiencies, và improve sầu on the key metrics that are crucial for your business. Powerful query-based analytics và customizations help you stay on top of the complex issues you face in your application environment. 



Faster incident handling, less finger pointing

No matter how your team is configured or where your apps live—from containers in the cloud khổng lồ bare-metal servers on-prem—instrument everything so you know how your apps are performing, inside & out.

Benchmark every deployment against previous ones in context of code changes, dependencies, và configurations. Rally around shared data so you can see the precise impact of your work, always stay in sync, & gain more transparency.



Stay ahead of difficult-to-find issues

Reveal the truth behind complex application errors with an instant, accurate analysis of metrics và events. Backed by powerful analytics capabilities, APM guides you khổng lồ faster resolutions.

Avoid spending hours combing through various tools and logs—unified pattern recognition và machine learning capabilities sift through your data & help you solve sầu problems faster. From fixing simple bugs to lớn complex refactoring, get guidance on exactly where your time & resources should be focused.Work smarter and show the value of your reliability practices lớn the entire organization. 



Application Performance Monitoring is available out-of-the-box with Full-Stachồng Observability in New Relic One

Full-Stachồng Observability is your single source of truth to troubleshoot, debug, and optimize performance across your entire stack. Find và fix problems faster in one unified experience that provides connected context and surfaces meaningful analytics—from logs, infrastructure & applications, distributed tracing, serverless functions, all the way into end-user experience—without having khổng lồ onboard new tools or switch between them.

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APM helps software teams instantly detect anomalies, discover root cause, and optimize performance. Whether your architecture is microservices or monoliths, containers or VMs, cloud or datacenter, with APM you can deploy, monitor & scale services quickly with confidence.

Distributed Tracing

Find và resolve issues quickly in your complex architecture

Distributed tracing lets you trace the path of a single request from end-to-over in a complex system. You can traông chồng the entire chain through every service and dependency, all the way through to the database, và know which step in the path is creating a bottlenechồng or causing an error.

Read all the details on distributed tracing >

One comprehensive tool for every tiện ích language và environment...

...including integrations, exporters, and SDKs for popular open source tools

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“New Relic provided us with the visibility we needed to detect what could have been a significant issue on our busiest day of the year. It was this success that led our leadership lớn fully embrace New Relic.”

Matt Kundrat Production Support Manager for Digital Technology, American Eagle Outfitters

American Eagle Outfitters Case Study

“The DevOps team use New Relic-generated stack traces to lớn drill down to lớn the line of code causing the error. As a result, we’ve sầu been able to lớn radically improve the unique of the sản phẩm.”

Dave Falkenberg Director, Product Development & Compliance, H&R Bloông xã Canada

H&R Bloông chồng Case Study

“Since most of our environments are deployed with New Relic instrumentation built in, our troubleshooting efforts have become much more streamlined & effective sầu.”

Mark Kelly Director of Cloud & Infrastructure Services Architecture, Scripps Networks

Scripps Networks Case Study

“New Relic APM has unmatched capabilities for monitoring cloud-based applications, providing a rock-solid trang web safety net for our customers.”

Josh Koenig Co-Founder và Head of Product, Pantheon

Pantheon Case Study

Free access to lớn New Relic. Forever.

Monitor your stachồng for free with full platkhung access và 100GB of ingest per month. No credit thẻ required.