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Notify party in shipping

22:42, 26/03/2021

Who is a notify tiệc ngọt and what significance does the field of notify party on a sea transport bill have?

Isn’t the notify buổi tiệc ngọt the one và same as the consignee or the buyer?

Since the notify buổi tiệc nhỏ field is left blank in most bills, is it important to lớn have this field at all?

Let us take a look at these commonly asked questions.

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Notify Party in a Trading Transaction

Global trade involves the transfer of goods and services for a financial consideration between two parties. Any transfer of goods involves shipment by l&, sea, or air.

In the trade of goods, the seller và buyer enter inkhổng lồ an agreement or contract for the sale of goods as well as for the transfer of these goods from the buyer lớn the seller.

When goods are transported by sea, a bill of lading or a seaway bill is involved.

Who are the parties to these bills? One can find four different parties mentioned on these bills.

They are the consignor, the carrier, the consignee, và the notify tiệc ngọt. The notify buổi tiệc nhỏ can be either the buyer, the buyer’s agent, or a third tiệc ngọt.

As we have sầu seen, trade between two parties involves a contract lớn this effect. This contract normally has two components to lớn it –

the contract to sell (contract of sale) andthe contract lớn transport the goods sold to the buyer (contract of carriage).

The contract of sale would include the amount to be paid for the goods, the mode of payment, etc.

Details on arrangements for the transport of these goods & who pays the transport charges, whether it is to be borne part by the seller & part by the buyer, or completely by one tiệc ngọt, mode of payment for the transport, all these come under the contract of carriage.


Failure to insize the notify các buổi party can lead to lớn several unintended consequences for all the parties involved – especially the customer at the receiving end.

In certain cases, the notify các buổi tiệc nhỏ is given access to lớn the ocean carrier’s cargo tracking system that would track and show the specific cargo position from the moment it is loaded onboard the carrier, till the authorized customer takes receipt of it.

Repercussions of Information Failure

A smooth and clear flow of information is an important factor in the shipping of any consignment. Failure lớn inform relevant parties or failure khổng lồ stay informed can result in delays and problems. The points given here can have a compounding effect with one failure resulting in another and so on.

Delay in Clearance

When the notify buổi tiệc nhỏ is different from the consignor or consignee và these parties fail to lớn inkhung the notify party about a carrier’s ETA, it may not be able to complete port customs formalities & other arrangements on time. This can often lead to clearance delays. Undue delay in clearance can result in storage charges or damage khổng lồ the cargo.

This is where the role of a pro-active clearing agent comes in handy. They will follow up regarding a shipment with the ocean carrier or its agent at the destination port and complete the necessary documentation và make arrangements in advance khổng lồ facilitate the timely clearance of the consignment.

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Delay in Arrangement of Inland Haulage

The inland transport is usually arranged by the notify tiệc ngọt or the clearing agent. If the notify các buổi tiệc nhỏ does not receive information on the vessel arrival và the discharge of cargo, it may not be able lớn make arrangements for transporting the consignment from the port lớn the consignee’s premises.

Breakage in Supply Chain

When warehouse storage space is at a premium, storage is calculated and planned according khổng lồ cargo arrivals và also based on their movement out of the warehouse.

Unusual delays in clearance as a result of failure to inkhung notify buổi tiệc ngọt can adversely affect these calculations & planning, throwing the company’s supply chain out of gear.

Lean supply chains và JIT (Just-in-Time) operations are the most affected by delayed deliveries.

Out of Stock Situations & Failure to lớn Deliver on Time to lớn Customers

Failure to insize notify các buổi party & delay in subsequent clearance of consignment causes out-of-stoông chồng situations both for seller/distributor & his customer. Unless a robust forecasting method that takes inlớn trương mục healthy buffer stocks, is in place, delays can have a serious effect on business.

Overstochồng Situation

When the notify tiệc nhỏ does not clear & deliver cargo promptly to lớn the customer, other than creating an out-of-stock situation, it can also result in a situation of overstocking at a later point in time.

This is caused especially when the gap between shipments is short and the next shipment in the pipeline arrives. In such cases, both shipments have khổng lồ be cleared one after the other khổng lồ avoid storage or other charges.

Damage khổng lồ Cargo

Cargo may be of different types. Some of them have sầu an unlimited shelf-life while others may have sầu a long or short shelf-life. Shelf-life is calculated as the number of days from the product’s date of manufacture till its expiry.

It is the life of the product calculated in the number of days. It is sometimes shown as BBD (best before date) or UBD (use-by date) on the product label. Delays khổng lồ clear such cargo by the notify buổi tiệc ngọt can result in shortened shelf-life or even expiry of the product.

Cargo that is susceptible lớn damage due khổng lồ temperature fluctuations và humidity should be stored under the correct, specified conditions. It is therefore important that the notify các buổi party clears or arranges khổng lồ clear the cargo on time using the proper equipment and transport as specified by the consignee.

These days most of the shipping companies, consolidators, & even clearing agents provide online tracking facilities to their customers. It shows the movement of the customer’s cargo handled by them.

The shipper, consignee, and notify các buổi party are given access lớn this online tracking based on their specific shipments & their requirements.

Most of the major companies also have customer service desks that operate 24×7 to help the customer with their queries on cargo shipments. Lachồng of information can no longer be held as an excuse for performance failure.

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