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Fairy tail vs bleach vs one piece vs naruto

21:26, 02/04/2021

Naruto lớn, actually had a beginning, middle, end. The other two just ran with new plots every now & then.

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- Side characters

Bleach stomps. Naruto became the Naruto/Sasuke affair for the final 250 chapters while Fairy Tail has no such thing as a good character, ever, at any point in the story.

- Music


- Fights

Bleach, followed closely by Narukhổng lồ. Bleach gets the edge by having a more diverse range of fights with their fighters while Narulớn is better when it comes lớn the story behind a fight.

No such thing as a good Fairy Tail fight, art can kind of look good at some panels, so I"ll give them that much.

- Story arcs

Naruto probably, better character development for main characters vs. Bleach, for side characters then Bleach>Narukhổng lồ.

Fairy Tail character development: I"m bad, now I"m good. Ur mah friewnd 545x times repeat for every chapter.

- Emotional moments



Bleach has some sad moments lượt thích Ulquiorra"s final moments, Ichigo losing his powers (thrice, if you want lớn include Rucơ leaving as that), or Rukia"s past. But Narulớn has way more moments like that, so Narukhổng lồ wins this category.

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Nothing is sad about Fairy Tail except that it"s sold more than bangers like Kingdom.

- Villains

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But seriously, Bleach does have better villains while Narukhổng lồ has better antagonists. Kishimokhổng lồ doesn"t know what villains even are, so expect usual moments in Naruto where genocidal, torturing, murderous, etc. people be forgiven because "muh bad backstory." Bleach manages lớn write good villains such as Aizen, Yhwach, Starrk, Ulquiorra, Tosen, Nnoitra, Askin, etc. without giving them any redeeming qualities in the process.

No such thing as a good Fairy Tail villain, all are forgettable or easily wasted at the climax.

- Animation

Bleach stomps. Naruto may be more flashy quantity wise but the last hundred episodes of Bleach stomp alone. Everything from Ichigo vs Ulquiorra to the Fullbringer arc (Reisợi included) is a treat for the eyes.

Fairy Tail doesn"t even have good animation, it"s the type khổng lồ just copy paste manga panels onkhổng lồ animation but they have worse art than Mashima. LMAO.

- Main Protagonist

Ichigo by miles. Narulớn in Part 1 is superior khổng lồ Ichigo but he became WAY WAY worse in Part 2. Ichigo is more realistic, is more emotional, trains harder for powers, và is all around a better person. There"s a reason why Naruto"s goals are always self-driven vs. the subtle suburban life of Ichigo making sure others are ok và safe.