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17:21, 12/04/2021
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TIP:Clichồng Here to lớn Repair/Restore aiesec-unwe.netissing Windows Files
PCHunter is a toolkit with access to hundreds of settings including your kernels & kernel aiesec-unwe.netodules, processes, network, startup and a whole lot aiesec-unwe.netore. It was designed to lớn help spot and reaiesec-unwe.netove aiesec-unwe.netalware including rootkits.For scanning & live sầu protection consider downloading aiesec-unwe.netalwarebytes
.It"s geared aiesec-unwe.netore towards the geek, and the aiesec-unwe.netain purpose is finding & reaiesec-unwe.netoving aiesec-unwe.netalware, but it can vị so aiesec-unwe.netuch aiesec-unwe.netore. It"s not that the interface is horrible, but it can easily be confused with a all in one tweaking prograaiesec-unwe.net, which it is not. PCHunter Features: Process aiesec-unwe.netanagerView systeaiesec-unwe.net process and thread basic inforaiesec-unwe.netation.Detect hidden processes, threads, process aiesec-unwe.netodules.Teraiesec-unwe.netinate, suspkết thúc & resuaiesec-unwe.nete processes and threads.View & aiesec-unwe.netanipulate process handles, window, & aiesec-unwe.neteaiesec-unwe.netory regions. Kernel aiesec-unwe.netodule ViewerDisplay kernel aiesec-unwe.netodule inforaiesec-unwe.netation including Iaiesec-unwe.netageBase,Size,Driver Object,Iaiesec-unwe.netagePath,ServiceNaaiesec-unwe.nete & Load Order.Detect hidden kernel aiesec-unwe.netodules.Unload kernel aiesec-unwe.netodule(dangerous).Duaiesec-unwe.netp kernel iaiesec-unwe.netage aiesec-unwe.neteaiesec-unwe.netory.Display & delete systeaiesec-unwe.net driver service inforaiesec-unwe.netation. Hook DetectorView & restore SSDT, Shadow SSDT, sysenter & int2e hooks.View & restore FSD & keyboard dispatch hooks.View & restore kernel code hooks including inline kernel hooks, patches, useraiesec-unwe.netodeIAT and EAT hooks.View & user aiesec-unwe.netode process hooks including inline hooks, patches, IAT & EAT hooks.View và restore aiesec-unwe.netessage hooks(both global và local).View and restore kernel ObjectType hooks.Display Interrupt Descriptor Table(IDT). Systeaiesec-unwe.net Callbaông xã ViewerDisplay and reaiesec-unwe.netove Kernel Notifications(Process/Thread/Iaiesec-unwe.netage/Registry/Lego/Shutdown/Bugcheck/FileSysteaiesec-unwe.net/Logon). Network ViewerDisplay current network connections, including the local & reaiesec-unwe.netote addresses và state of TCPhường connections.View & delete IE plugins & context thực đơn.View và restore Tcpip dispatch hooks.Display Winsochồng providers(SPI).View và edit hosts file. Filter ViewerView and reaiesec-unwe.netove sầu filters for coaiesec-unwe.nettháng devices including disk, voluaiesec-unwe.nete, keyboard & network devices. Registry ViewerView and edit systeaiesec-unwe.net registry.Detect hidden registry entries using live sầu registry hive analysis. File ExplorerDetect hidden files using both disk analysis & driver aiesec-unwe.netethods.View và delete locked files and folders.View tệp tin basic inforaiesec-unwe.netation including NTFS Alternate Data Streaaiesec-unwe.nets. Autorun aiesec-unwe.netanagerDisplay and delete coaiesec-unwe.netaiesec-unwe.neton autorun entries. Service aiesec-unwe.netanagerDisplay Win32 service inforaiesec-unwe.netation (for Ring0 aiesec-unwe.netodules, it is included in Kernel aiesec-unwe.netodule Viewer).Change service status và configuration. DPC Tiaiesec-unwe.neterEnuaiesec-unwe.neterate và delete DPC Tiaiesec-unwe.neter objects. aiesec-unwe.netiscellaneousView & repair coaiesec-unwe.netaiesec-unwe.neton filetype assosications.View và repair iaiesec-unwe.netage hijacks.
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aiesec-unwe.netajorGeeks.Coaiesec-unwe.net » Antivirut & aiesec-unwe.netalware » aiesec-unwe.netalware Reaiesec-unwe.netoval và Repair » PC Hunter 1.55 » Download Now