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Precision là gì

20:42, 05/04/2021

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Precision is also the cấp độ of agreement of a particular measurement with itself when it is repeated.
The pressure on advertisers khổng lồ deliver results has led to lớn them targeting consumers with unprecedented precision.

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Dropping the direct comparison of the treatment 1 lớn 2 yielded similar precisions for the first three treatment comparisons compared to the balanced design.
Lack of both accuracy và precision becomes more problematic in malformed hearts when cardiac structures are hypoplastic.
Further, where deaths are recorded without precision, we vị not always find a trace of these in the death register.
The randomness coming from the binomial random variables is irrelevant for the order of precision we are after.
In order lớn achieve sầu this we need khổng lồ simulate in more detail, and with greater precision, the interactions of light with matter.
The reference here is not khổng lồ architectural representation that relies on precision alone khổng lồ communicate a built condition.
Such terminology has insufficient architectural precision to be credible as an answer khổng lồ current urban problems.
They bởi vì not require the construction of elaborate stencils or masks as they have sầu their own methods of achieving precision.
The first principle is that the developmental processes of interest must be specified with as much precision as is supported by extant knowledge.
A low precision irrigation practice is inflexible & does not allow the farmer lớn adjust water applications in response lớn changing conditions.
The increase in precision could be from an improvement in weather information, irrigation practices, or both.
Equivalently, a given increase in public information will improve sầu the irrigation efficiency of higher efficiency application systems more than those with lower precision.
However, the precision of estimation was reduced for models fitted at the youngest ages, reflecting the lower accumulative sầu rates of parenthood in the teenage years.
The precision of the results is severely restricted due to lớn weak empirical evidence on fundamental functional relations and parametric values.
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These are words often used in combination with precision.

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I cannot hope lớn solve this problem, for unlike where rational payoffs are concerned, moral "payoffs" could never admit of any great precision.
In this study, the searches for life expectancy data were particularly successful in terms of offering a relatively high precision.
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