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Purchase là gì

01:46, 01/04/2021
Except under clearly defined circumstances, it is illegal in Britain for a company lớn purchase its own shares.

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Rather than provide subsidized full-service housing, the municipality permits settlers lớn lease or purchase unused municipal l&.
Meanwhile, the state granted tracts of lvà lớn nobles or permitted them to lớn purchase lvà in what had become the old borderlands.
Townsmen were supposed to be able to lớn purchase these goods for a reasonable price in the respective sầu parts of the country.
Even though launches were ultimately rather ephemeral purchases, consumers quickly turned to this new giải pháp công nghệ as a method of infiltrating the practice of science.
Unlike most social programs, government health insurance involves the purchase of services from a clearly defined and often extremely powerful profession.
At the same time, social services departments would be able to purchase many services which they might otherwise have to lớn provide themselves.
The government therefore set up a marketing-board type of purchasing arrangement, with higher, fixed producer prices.

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The recommendations are followed as far as possible by the purchase division khổng lồ establish the markets.
They have purchased shares of privatized state enterprises & played a role in corporate governance.
This might explain why some retirees with relatively small accumulations have sầu nonetheless purchased annuities.
In a "miễn phí society" what grounds are there for restricting the freedom of adults lớn purchase, và of medical practitioners to sell, cosmetic surgery?
It seems reasonable that a part of our sample purchased rather than earned some of their service years.